Can you feel that weird mix of stress, relief, anticipation, and worry? It can only mean one thing–that finals, AP exams, and IB assessments are coming soon. While that already sounds overwhelming, keep in mind there is a large summer break on the horizon as well. Fairmont students are trying to remember all the material from the start of the year or the semester and squeezing all of the facts into an already crammed brain. Teachers are putting the last touches on their finals and finalizing the grading on those last papers they somehow “forgot.” It will soon be time for those end-of-the-year parties and gatherings to be able to take a break from the little bit of chaos that a student can feel.

So how can students ensure that they will do the best they can on their finals? We love a good list, so let’s start one, shall we?

#1 – Relax. It’s tough, we get it. But freaking yourself out about it is not going to help.

#2Trust in yourself. You’ve been in that class all semester. You’ve done the homework. You listened to the teachings. You’ve got this!

#3Be mindful of yourself. Have you eaten recently? Are you drinking enough water? When was the last time you got up and stretched your legs? Listen to what your body is telling you.

#4Rest and be rested. Taking a test on no sleep is not a good idea. Go about your regular routine.

#5Ask for help. This is the last chance you have to get clarification from your teachers, so go ask them questions. Connecting with your teachers is a major benefit of Fairmont, be sure to take advantage of that.

#6Work in groups. Create study groups or a group chat–others may have a good way to remember something or can explain it in a different way. Remember that you are not competing with your peers here.

#7Don’t get stuck on the things you don’t know. Move on to the things you do know and come back to the ones that are stumping you. It’s not worth losing potential points by trying to solve something impossible.

#8Breathe! It will be over soon. Just breathe.

Remember that this has been the first full “normal” year since the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Every year since then has had some anomaly. And while the adults in your life remember what a “typical” high school experience can look like, you as students, do not. It’s not your fault and there is nothing you could have done about it. However, it is ok to recognize that you haven’t experienced “normal” or “typical” in a few years. 

And once it is all done, go out and celebrate. Treat yourself a little bit, you’ve earned it. We are always so proud of our Fairmont students and how they balance all of their interests, just be sure to leave some time for yourself in there. Good luck!