Fairmont TEC

As leaders in academic excellence, Fairmont Private Schools continues to seek the most innovative and effective learning tools for our students.

Students of this generation learn and engage in education differently than students in the past. The Preparatory Academy and junior high campuses (grades 6-8) utilize iPads as a means to enhance our curriculum and your child’s learning. The path to implementing this tool has been very purposeful and aligned with your child’s best interests. Fairmont believes that the use of this technology helps to build 21st century learning skills, including critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, and prepares your student for higher education and future careers.

kids playing on ipad in classroom

The Prep TEC Program

The TEC (Technology-Enhanced Curriculum) program was created to investigate the best technology tools for the classroom, provide training for our faculty, and carefully plan for use of these tools in the classroom as part of a three-step program. While we do not believe that the iPad is the solution to all education issues, this is one more tool that allows students to have a richer education experience. The iPad certainly does not take the place of the educator, but rather enhances student engagement and understanding and creates unique learning experiences.

Each student is expected to be prepared on the first day of school with the following:

An iPad dedicated to educational use. Apple offers a variety of iPad options. The newest iPad is the iPad Air 2, which comes with up to 64GB of memory. Apple also offers the new iPad Pro, which is a slightly larger version of the iPad, available with up to 256GB of memory. Apple is phasing out support for older models of the iPad and they are becoming incompatible with some of the apps and tools your student will need to use. In addition, the iPad Mini is not a good option for educational purposes, as the screen is really too small for most of the activities that your student will be doing using the iPad.

The iPad your student brings to class must have at least 32GB of capacity and be at least a fifth generation model iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro with iOS 11 installed.

A ready-to-use iPad. Please setup the iPad in advance of the start of the school year. You may use a current Apple ID or establish a new Apple ID for this iPad. Your Apple ID must utilize an American email address in order to access the US iTunes store to purchase and download the required apps. We recommend using your Fairmont email address if you do not already have an established Apple ID. For younger students, we recommend that a parent’s Apple ID be used for safety purposes and to allow parents to better manage and monitor downloads and purchases. Please make sure the iPad is updated to the latest iOS 11.

Apps and eBooks for each class. Each student is responsible for downloading any apps or eBooks required for each class as specified by each teacher and for updating them regularly. In addition, the following apps are required and should be downloaded before the start of the school year:

  • Free apps – iBooks, Blackboard, iTunes U, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Socrative, Nearpod
  • To Purchase – iAnnotate ($9.99), Explain Everything ($2.99), iMovie ($4.99), Book Creator ($4.99).
  • Additional apps may be required by your student’s instructors.

Fairmont will continue to offer each student the following:

Digital citizenship training. As part of our increased efforts to keep our students safe and responsible while accessing online tools and resources, Fairmont will be teaching our 6th-8th grade students valuable lessons in digital citizenship. We have partnered with Common Sense Media to help provide us with a research-based scope and sequence that will ensure we are covering the most important topics that affect our young people as they explore and navigate cyberspace.

Technical support while on campus and email support while off campus. Each student will have access to hardware and software support, as well as help for troubleshooting and customization.

Multiple training sessions for students and parents. We will offer an Introduction to Your iPad session at the beginning of the school year, as well as multiple training sessions throughout the year touching on security features, parental controls, using the iPad as an organizational tool with your student, and many more topics.

An enhanced classroom experience. The iPad has been demonstrated to increase student engagement, improve student motivation, and provide the potential to empower and uplift students in their learning. In the hands of our outstanding educators, the iPad is a wonderful tool that can help to develop critical thinking skills, unleash student creativity, and enable more comprehensive and meaningful communication and collaboration.