Fairmont teacher Vanessa Patterson named a "Top Teacher" in Orange County by ParentingOC
Fairmont Private Schools’ Teacher Named a Top Teacher in Orange County

Fairmont Private Schools’ teacher Vanessa Patterson has been named a “Top Teacher” in Orange County by ParentingOC Magazine! Patterson was nominated by her fellow Fairmont Historic Anaheim teachers who recognized her exceptional skill and generosity. “Miss Patterson won because she is willing to give to her students and her fellow teachers,” Campus Director Matt Calabria […]

How to Teach Your Child "Commitment"
How to Teach Your Child “Commitment”

At Fairmont Private Schools, we have a set of values we teach all of our students to live by. One of those values is “commitment.” It’s important for children to learn that, once they’ve given someone their word, they are expected to follow through. Parents can teach their child “commitment”  through examples and by giving them […]