Five Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

New Friends Extracurricular activities give the chance for children to meet new friends outside of their classroom and, depending on the activity, outside of their immediate age group. This opens up a new world of friends and acquaintances, and ones that share their interest for that matter! It’s nice to have different groups of friends, […]

Summer Craft: Tin Can Wind Chimes

Materials: 6 – 8 Tin Cans (Clean, label-less, and of any size) Spray Paint (A variety of colors) Acrylic Paint (A variety of colors) Paint Brush Hammer Nail Thin Rope Matches or Lighter Scissors Embroidery Hoop or Lamp Shade Frame Spray paint the outsides of each tin can with a different color and let dry. […]

Summer Craft: Grass Heads

Materials: Old tights or stockings Compost or potting soil Grass seed Rubber band Small flower pot Hot glue gun or craft glue Googly eyes, felt, etc. Place two to three tablespoons of grass seed into the toe of a stocking. Add enough compost or potting soil to fill the inside toe and create a ball the […]

Five Summer Crafts for Kids

Looking to entertain and engage your kids over the summer? Break out the arts and crafts supplies and take a tip from Fairmont’s “The Art of Play” Pinterest board! Get crafty this summer with these fun, creative activities! Bird Feeder via The Resourceful Mama God’s Eye via Makes and Takes Rain Sticks  via Happy Hooligans […]