Cyberbullying. Girl looks worriedly at her phone.
Counselor’s Corner: Cyberbullying

The online environment is often a place parents do not frequent when monitoring their child’s behavior. However, it is imperative parents pay close attention to their child’s online activity, especially when monitoring for cyberbullying. Cyberbullying occurs through text messages, on internet sites, and through any computer-based communication. Indirect forms of cyberbullying include: spreading false rumors, […]

High school counselor with student at Fairmont Private Schools
The Importance of Counselor Interaction

At Fairmont Private Schools, we pride ourselves on our low student-to-counselor ratios. Fairmont Preparatory Academy boasts a student-to-academic-counselor ratio of 75:1, while our college counselor ratio is 40:1. The national average student-to-counselor ratio is 491:1 in comparison. Importance of Counseling Though often overlooked and underfunded, counseling is vital for high school students. Counselors help guide students […]