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Perfect Summertime Sweets

Beat the summertime heat with these sweet treats! Sour Patch Grapes  Do your kids love sour candy? Here’s a sweet and sour alternative! This recipe uses Jolly Rancher and Jello mixes to turn grapes into less sugary versions of Sour Patch kids! Put the finished products in the freezer for a colder treat on warm […]

Five Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

New Friends Extracurricular activities give the chance for children to meet new friends outside of their classroom and, depending on the activity, outside of their immediate age group. This opens up a new world of friends and acquaintances, and ones that share their interest for that matter! It’s nice to have different groups of friends, […]

The Importance of Hobbies

People often need a productive distraction from the pressures of daily life. Deadline-free in nature, hobbies are a great solution because they allow participants to engage in the activity at their own pace. Encouraging your child to pursue a hobby is a great way to build upon skills and reinforce concepts learned in the classroom and […]

The Benefits of Snacking on Tomatoes

Home-grown or store bought, tomatoes are now in season and the selection abounds! Small or large (Cherry vs. Beefsteak variety), there’s a size and shape for everyone. Hundreds of different tomato varieties exist, and even colors can range from dark red to bright orange, or even purple when fully ripe. You might think tomatoes originate […]

10 Great Recipes for Kids in the Kitchen

Unassuming and ordinary, the kitchen might seem like an unlikely classroom. However, the kitchen acts as a hub of the American household, where family members mingle and munch together. Bringing your child into the kitchen not only teaches him or her necessary life lessons, such as how to boil water for pasta, or using flour […]