How to Teach Your Child "Commitment"
How to Teach Your Child “Commitment”

At Fairmont Private Schools, we have a set of values we teach all of our students to live by. One of those values is “commitment.” It’s important for children to learn that, once they’ve given someone their word, they are expected to follow through. Parents can teach their child “commitment”  through examples and by giving them […]

Five Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

New Friends Extracurricular activities give the chance for children to meet new friends outside of their classroom and, depending on the activity, outside of their immediate age group. This opens up a new world of friends and acquaintances, and ones that share their interest for that matter! It’s nice to have different groups of friends, […]

How to Teach Your Child About Money

It’s never too early to provide your child with a strong foundation of financial wisdom and guidance. Learning financial principles at a young age will set the stage for a smoother transition into adulthood. From making small purchases with his or her own money to paying for college and beyond, wise financial stewardship is an […]