Student Life


Fairmont Culture

At Fairmont, our school culture is welcoming, we are a close-knit community that encourages students to try new things outside of the classroom. Fairmont is committed to fostering personal growth and leadership skills in every student. By participating in one of the many clubs and athletic programs offered, students make lasting friendships and learn life lessons that stretch far beyond classroom walls.

Performing Arts

Students may participate in band, orchestra, ensemble, as well as musical and dramatic stage productions. Performing Arts teach confidence, individuality, and focus, these are traits our students will likely use throughout their lives.

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Visual Arts

Instruction begins in the early grades and extends through AP Art in high school. Many of our students received recognition in regional and national art competitions.

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Fairmont complements their academic program with vibrant art and music programs throughout the day. Our classes are designed to nurture the artist within and promote creative self-expression.

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The Associated Student Body (ASB) gives our future leaders first-hand experience in the elective process, representative leadership, organizational skills and service to the school community. Students also have the opportunity to plan various school events and dances.

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Participating in a club is an excellent way for students to have fun together and learn the art of compromise. Students will discover their passion, meet friends with common interests and spend time together in a safe, and open environment. Sample Elementary and Junior High Clubs: Chorus – 3rd – 5th grades, Yearbook – Junior High, Debate Club – Junior High, Recycling Club – Junior High.

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Sports play a crucial role in a student’s growth and development. Our student-athletes learn life lessons well beyond the court or field. Participation in a sport teaches organization, time management, teamwork, and leadership skills. More importantly, our student-athletes develop lasting friendships and understand the premise of winning and losing with grace.

Elementary DSL Sports: Boys Flag Football, Boys Basketball, Co-ed Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball.

Junior High Tri-Way Sports:
Boys Flag Football, Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Girls Soccer.

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