Fairmont understands that education is not a “one size fits all” proposition. In addition to individualized classroom instruction, we offer a range of specialized programs to fit the needs of our students.

Specialty Programs

Fairmont Athletic Academy

What if your elite athlete could receive both academic instruction AND athletic training all within their regular school day? Students enrolled in this innovative program — offered exclusively at the San Juan Capistrano campus — benefit from Fairmont’s acclaimed faculty and curriculum, while receiving world-class athletic training through our partner, The Treigning Lab.


Fairmont Music & Dance Academy

This program embodies the intersection between the arts and academics. Students spend half the day receiving a premier Fairmont education and the other half receiving instruction at OC Music & Dance — a renowned conservatory in Irvine — studying music, voice and/or dance under gifted teachers from all over the world.


Fairmont Select Academy

This home education program provides a solution for parents who want the flexibility of a traditional “home school” platform, but need the additional support of highly trained educators. Instead of parents and students struggling to navigate educational excellence on their own, they have a team of educators with years of experience at their side, leading the way.