North Tustin Campus Enhancement Program
News for Parents and Guardians

We have received many requests to expand the early childhood education program on our North Tustin campus, and many have wished that Allison Hall, our current performance venue, could offer more seating, better sightlines, and improved acoustics. We are pleased to report that we are well on our way to accomplishing these important goals!

This special website is just for you, our North Tustin campus parents and guardians, so you can learn about the planned campus enhancements, get answers to your questions, and empower you to support us as our plans are reviewed by the Foothills Community Advisory Council and the County of Orange.

Ntc - Fairmont Families

What Is Planned?

Ntc - Fairmont Families

The enhancement program was made possible by our acquisition of the Church of Christ Scientist property next door to the North Tustin campus. Here is what we envision:

  • We will have the capacity to add 100 students to the North Tustin student body, mostly at the early childhood education level.
  • Students will love how much better their drama and music performances will sound when performances are relocated to the church property’s sanctuary, and you will appreciate the better sightlines along with the better acoustics.
  • We will add six new classrooms: Three in Allison Hall for the expanded early childhood education program, and three at the church property for junior high students.
  • Because we now own the church property, we can use its parking lot for improved traffic flow during drop-off and pick-up hours.

With your support, we are hoping to be able to have our enhanced North Tustin campus ready for students in either the fall or spring semester of 2023.



If you missed the recent meeting held to inform parents about plans for the North Tustin Campus Enhancement Program, you can view it here.

The Approval Process

Ntc - Fairmont Families

Our plan will undergo Orange County’s transparent and public review process. We have already reached out personally to our near neighbors and have found that most are supportive of our plans, but we must assume that some people in the area who are concerned about growth and traffic will argue against an expansion of our student body. This is why support from our students, parents, and guardians is important.

The changes we are proposing require review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Under this law, environmental consultants must undertake studies and prepare a report assessing the project’s potential impacts (traffic, noise, light, etc.). When their report is complete, our proposal will be considered at public hearings before the North Tustin Advisory Council and the Orange County Planning Commission. If an appeal is necessary, the matter will go before the Orange County Board of Supervisors. The Foothill Communities Association Board of Directors may hold its own hearing as well.


By far the biggest complaint we heard from our near neighbors concerned the congestion caused by parents and guardians making U-turns on Vanderlip Ave. To respond to their concerns and encourage them to not oppose the Enhancement Program, we have implemented new procedures that utilize the former church property to make these U-turns unnecessary. Please review and follow the new procedures – do your part to ensure that our plans are approved!

Your Questions Answered

If you have questions we don’t cover below, let us know by contacting at (310) 810-7395 (during business hours) or

When do you expect to have the new classes and facilities available?

It is difficult to predict how long the approval process will take, but we are working diligently to have everything ready by the start of classes in either the first or second semester of 2023. You can sign up for updates by clicking here.

Will construction occur while school is in session?
We hope not. If all goes well, we will receive approvals in time to allow construction to be completed over the summer between the current and 2023-2024 school year. If approval comes later, we will endeavor to minimize interruptions and will work with parents on the construction plan.
Will the increased size of the student body make drop-off and pick-up more difficult?
It shouldn’t – in fact, it should become easier because we can use the parking lot on the former church property to streamline the drop-off and pick-up process.
Will you be expanding other classes besides early childhood education?
Yes, our primary expansion will be for preschool children, but we have space in many of our classrooms at all grade levels, K to 8, and this will allow us to offer a better education to more students.
How will registration for the new classes be handled?
Registration for our classes will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  Of course, we do give priority to siblings from existing Fairmont families.
Will this affect current tuition levels?
This campus expansion will not increase tuition. Tuition is evaluated each year and adjusted relative to other expense factors unrelated to this.
What can I do to help?

Your support is needed and will be greatly appreciated! Start by going to the Contact Us/Support Us section to sign up as a supporter and attend the information meeting on September 19 at 8 a.m. in Allison Hall. You also will be able to send letters of support to decision-makers, attend public hearings, speak at public hearings, and express your support in other ways.

Help Us Create A Better North Tustin Campus

Use the form below to comment, ask questions and – most importantly – show your support.

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