Frequently Asked Questions

International Frequently Asked Questions

We commend you for doing your due diligence as you look for your child’s new school home. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact Betty Petersen for more information.

What types of housing options are available to international students?

Fairmont has two housing options, both of which offer students a safe, supportive environment to help them succeed at their new school. Fairmont Homestay centers around a family experience, while Fairmont Boarding surrounds students with a community of diverse peers. Compare the two programs’ benefits to help choose the best fit for your student.

Are international students allowed to participate in sports teams?
Yes! International students are encouraged to join one of Fairmont’s many athletic teams that are available. This is a great opportunity for international students to become part of the Fairmont community and to enrich their American high school experience.
How much is tuition?

Please visit the International Tuition page for details.

What are Adapted classes?
Upon entry, international students will be tested to determine their English language proficiency. Students who are in need of language support will be enrolled in what are called Adapted classes for English, Science, and History. These classes are credit-bearing academic courses that are modified to meet the needs of language learners while still providing them with the academic content needed to better prepare them for collegiate courses in the future.
What kinds of special programs can international students enroll in?

Fairmont has many exceptional specialty programs in a variety of fields. Your counselor will work with you individually to ensure you are eligible for the program of your choice. Examples of academic programs include Advanced Science and Engineering, Robotics, Speech and Debate, International Business, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Math, among many others. We also have a host of non-academic specialty programs, such as the Fairmont Athletic Academy and our elite ice hockey program.

What grade levels are accepted into the international program?

Age guidelines for K-8, students are placed chronologically. Students are able to repeat up to one academic year if they are applying to high school. However, they cannot be 20 years of age prior to May 1 of their senior year. In order to enter the program, students must be in their junior year of high school or younger. We do not accept students entering their senior year (12th grade).

What universities do international students get accepted into?

On average, more than nine out of ten international students are accepted to the nation’s Top 100 universities each year. Please see a small sampling of the premier institutions to which our students are admitted below. For a complete listing of the schools our 2022 graduating class received offers from, click here.

What classes are available to international students?
International students are able to take any classes from our course catalog that they are eligible for. Our wonderful counseling department will work with each student to make sure the pre-requisite courses are met and that our international students have a tailored academic plan in place.

Fairmont College Acceptances

Year after year, Fairmont’s students are accepted to the nation’s top colleges and universities, preparing them to go out and make a difference in their world. Here is just a small sampling of the institutions our graduates have attended:

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