Fairmont Private Schools Is The Only K-12 IB Candidate School
In Orange County To Offer The Complete IB Continuum

Why IB at Fairmont?
Fairmont’s close-knit community, commitment to academic excellence, and small classes paired with the rich curriculum of the International Baccalaureate make us a leader in top-tier international education.

Based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme models, the Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme are suited for young, curious minds. All International Baccalaureate programs aim to develop internationally minded students.

Through its inquiry-led, transdisciplinary framework, the Primary Year Programme (PYP) challenges students to think independently and to take responsibility for their development as they are introduced to global and local issues and opportunities.

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The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a challenging framework that encourages students ages eleven through sixteen to make practical connections between their studies and the world they live in.

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The Diploma Programme (DP) helps high school students become confident, dedicated individuals with an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge – 21st-century citizens who flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ethically.

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International Baccalaureate Program
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a global education path and a diploma that students can pursue at Fairmont Schools. The IB Programme curriculum promotes the education of the whole person—emphasizing intellectual, emotional, and social intelligence with an international understanding. IB Programme courses emphasize the humanities, philosophy, and global thinking, and are application and project-based. Each IB Programme course includes a structure of varied assessments and a final IB Programme examination. Students choose courses from six different fields: English literature, world language, social science, mathematics, the sciences, and the arts.

Why IB Programme at Fairmont?
Our close-knit, diverse family and commitment to exceptional academic performance, small classroom sizes, and the rich curriculum of the International Baccalaureate create a truly transformative global education for students.

Step by Step
The Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme serve young, curious minds as they develop an understanding of who they are and how the world works moving. This continues through the Diploma Programme, guiding students through an internationally-minded, world-class curriculum.

For Primary Years Programme Questions Contact Cody Norenberg

For Middle Years Programme Questions Contact Rebecca Lugo

For Diploma Programme Questions Contact Mike Wheeler

We are committed to ensuring that all students of exceptional educational potential have an opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attributes to achieve their highest level of learning.

Language is a core principle of the IB education, and all Fairmont teachers are language teachers. IB Programme classes are taught in the language of the home country (English). Students are expected to be proficient in this language and recommended to pursue learning another language (Spanish or Mandarin), and we encourage students to develop their languages of origin as well.

The IB Programme is focused on helping students develop as principled learners to make independent and responsible choices. This includes learning the principles of paraphrasing, quotation, and conventional citation practices, and an astute knowledge of intellectual property and the protections therein.

The IB Programme uses fair and comprehensive assessments to inform proper placement and guidance, and the process involves teachers, students, and parents. The assessment measures the student’s learning progress and helps to reveal individual areas of strength and areas that are in development, which allows us to identify learning targets and plan curriculum.