Our Story

From an idea that first evolved from the Holt family, Fairmont Private Schools has emerged as the largest, nonsectarian private school in Orange County, California.

Kenneth W. Holt became a public school teacher following his family’s line of educators. From his home, on Gilbert Street in Anaheim, Mr. Holt started a summer school class in June 1953 converting his garage into a classroom. Placing a high value on teaching phonics as well as maintaining the best academic standards, Mr. Holt was determined to start a school eventually.


Realizing great success from his humble beginnings, in 1955, he opened Fairmont Private Schools, known as the Historic Anaheim Campus. The school is recognized by the majestic Moreton Bay fig tree that proudly stands outside and has become a symbol of Fairmont’s rich history.

Over the next six decades, Fairmont grew significantly enriching the lives of thousands of families and opening doors for students to attend top colleges and universities in the United States and around the world.

In 1979, Mr. David Jackson (Mrs. Holt’s oldest son) became Fairmont’s President to continue expanding the school’s excellent reputation. Fairmont is proudly a family-run private school with a distinctive, welcoming feel throughout all four campuses. After Mr. Jackson stepped down in 2018, Chad Jackson, David Jackson’s youngest son, took over as President of Fairmont Private Schools. His personal goal is to be of service to our Fairmont students, and parents, ensuring that everyone has to access outstanding educational resources, individualized learning, and the best-trained faculty possible.

Today, students at all four Fairmont campuses are encouraged to Pave their Paths toward academic and social success. Each student who walks through Fairmont’s doors will receive the individualized attention and preparation he or she needs to grow and succeed.