Our Educational Philosophy


Our Education Philosophy

At Fairmont Private Schools, our goal is to create a nurturing and safe environment where educators are committed to academic achievement and social success. Our purpose is to develop confident leaders and lifelong learners who will thrive throughout their lifetime. Each day, our dedicated teachers inspire a love of learning and ensure each student maximizes his or her potential.

Fairmont elevates the learning experience by creating an environment which cultivates discovery, critical thinking, and personal growth. Through this individualized learning, students can Pave their Path to success.

Preschool Philosophy

Fairmont students thrive in a safe and secure learning environment, where passionate educators are committed to students’ academic, social, and character development. Our youngest Fairmont students benefit from a program that blends advanced academics, purposeful play, and developmentally appropriate activities. Children who go through Fairmont’s early childhood program will master key literacy and math skills by the time they enter kindergarten. They will also have been exposed to enriching activities like dramatic play, technology, music appreciation, and art. These experiences and learning opportunities give them a competitive edge when entering our academically accelerated elementary school program.

JK-8 Philosophy

Fairmont Private Schools has a rich history rooted in tradition and academic excellence. With over 60 years of educational experience, Fairmont prides itself on providing students an individualized education with an advanced curriculum allowing them to accelerate in language arts and math. Our rigorous academics are enhanced with innovative technology tools in our integrated classrooms. In addition to our core curriculum, we also offer students opportunities to develop an appreciation for the fine arts and foreign language. An emphasis on character training, community service, and cultural awareness prepares our students to compete and succeed in today’s world. Understanding that students thrive when challenged, Fairmont cultivates higher level thinking, creativity, collaborative learning, problem-solving skills, and social responsibility. Our educational environment nurtures a sense of self, fosters confidence, and creates tomorrow’s global leaders.


Academic Standards Philosophy

Fairmont’s curricula ensures students consistently perform above the national average.
Over 87 percent of our Fairmont Prep graduates are accepted to top 100 universities as
defined by US News & World Report. One hundred percent of 8th graders are proficient in math and 85 percent of those are advanced. More than 79 percent of kindergartners perform above expectations. Additionally, our program focuses on a well-rounded education that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and developing effective communication skills.

Meet the Education Team


Ms. Carolyn Lucia

Director of Education

Ms. Carolyn Lucia joined Fairmont Education Group in 2011 as the Dean of Advanced Studies at Fairmont Preparatory Academy, and currently serves as the Director of Education. Her extensive background in education encompasses a broad range of positions including teacher, Dean of Students, Student Services Coordinator, Assistant Principal, as well as Founder and Director of a charter school. In addition, Ms. Lucia teaches graduate level courses in Educational Administration. She was also honored to have been selected to help pilot the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation MET study project for assessing effective teaching methods. Ms. Lucia completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications at Chapman University and her Master of Science degree in Educational Administration at National University. Additionally, she holds several California credentials including Single Subject English, Multiple Subjects, and Administrative Services.


Kelly Robinette

Manager of Education / Blackboard Administrator

Kelly Robinette has been an educator for 24 years. For 13 years, she taught high school English both here and in England. Upon returning to the US, she switched gears and began working in educational administration for Fairmont Private Schools in the Business Office. As the Manager of Education, her work here includes academic outcomes data analysis, Blackboard administration, online learning, curriculum development, and teacher training.

Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature, with an emphasis in British, German, and Greek literature and languages. She also has a master’s degree in Educational Administration and holds both a single subject teaching credential in English, as well as an administrative services credential. She is currently working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership at Concordia University, Irvine.

In her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with her family and working in her backyard garden with her four chickens and old dog, Hannah.


Joanna Yujuico

Curriculum and Instruction Specialist

Joanna Yujuico is currently the Curriculum and Instruction Specialist for Fairmont Private Schools since 2007. Her background in education encompasses many years as an elementary school teacher, an assistant principal, and now serves as the curriculum and instruction specialist for Fairmont’s four campuses. Joanna completed her Bachelors of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from California State University, Long Beach, as well as her Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration from Concordia University, Irvine. She also holds several credentials including a Multiple Subject teaching credential with an emphasis on Global Studies as well as a credential in Educational Administration. Joanna enjoys working with students, teachers, and administrators to help support their educational journeys year after year. When not working, Joanna enjoys spending time with her husband and children playing in sunshine at the beach or at Disneyland.


Mrs. Kristen Jansen

Director of Early Childhood Education & Special Projects

Mrs. Kristen Jansen joined Fairmont in 2000 at the North Tustin Campus as a kindergarten teacher and currently serves as the Director of Early Childhood Education & Special Projects. Mrs. Jansen’s fourteen years of teaching spanned the grades of preschool through fifth grade and were in Wisconsin and California in both public and private schools. After earning her master’s degree in Educational Administration from Azusa Pacific University, Mrs. Jansen left the classroom and began her career in educational administration. She served as the campus director at both our Historic Anaheim Preschool and the North Tustin Campus. With bachelor’s degrees in both Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, the transition to the Director of our Early Childhood programs was seamless. Mrs. Jansen utilizes her background to advise and support our youngest students and their teachers at all Fairmont campuses. Additionally, she holds several California credentials including the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and the California Clear Administrative Services Credential. Fun fact, Mrs. Jansen also holds teaching and admin credentials in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Education Department

Fairmont’s Education Department consists of educational experts responsible for researching, planning, and implementing the curriculum, educational technology, and academic programs used in Fairmont’s classrooms. Staff play a significant role in managing textbook adoption, technology subscriptions, academic outcomes, data, curriculum development, professional development, assessments, summer programs, and much more. They regularly attend national and participate in conferences as well as collaborate on research projects to keep our educators current with the best teaching practices and educational technology.


Math and Language Arts Coordinators

Each campus has a math and language arts coordinator to discuss academic needs with teachers and provide them support throughout the year. Their availability adds convenience for teachers when adopting new curriculum. In regards to math instruction, Fairmont offers an individualized approach that allows highly advanced students to complete high school level coursework at the junior high level. Students benefit from classroom grouping and additional support in mastering key concepts from the Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reader software programs.

ASSIST Teachers

Maximizing the potential of each student is the hallmark of Fairmont’s educational philosophy. ASSIST teachers partner with classroom teachers to provide one-on-one help to students in need of academic support and enrichment. Students are identified for the ASSIST program through teacher referral, test scores, assessment and classroom observation.

Shelby Wagner - 1st Grade Teacher Fairmont Historic AnaheimTop Teacher & Skating Champion
Shelby “My favorite part of being a teacher is the children I get to teach.”
  • Is one of the head teachers for the Fountain Valley Artistic Skating Club, teaching regional and national champions. She also teaches beginner classes every Saturday morning.
  • Every year, her students are amazed to find that their teacher has a life outside of the classroom.
“I love feeling like I’m part of a family [at Fairmont].”
Keira Kamath - 5th Grade Fairmont Anaheim HillsScience & Tennis Superstar
keira “I like how there are so many different specialty classes at Fairmont Anaheim Hills, like art, music, PE, science lab, computer lab, and Spanish.”
  • She would like to be a professional tennis player when she grows up, or maybe a doctor.
  • Loves dance and plays the piano
  • Her favorite class is science “because you get to figure out stuff, and I like to do experiments.”
Nicholas Aghaian - 7th Grade Fairmont Historic AnaheimKicking His Way to Med School
nicolas“The teachers and the amount of support they provide to not only me, but to the whole entire community here at Fairmont is probably what I like most about attending Fairmont Historic Anaheim.”
  • He would like to be a professional soccer player, or a doctor specializing in the field of sports medicine.
  • Enjoys basketball, piano, and soccer pitch.
  • His favorite subject is math “because I like to be challenged, and math is full of challenges.”
Gianluca De Gregoris – 2nd Grade Fairmont North TustinDancing Toward Greatness
dancing"What I like most about Fairmont is that I get to learn and meet new friends.”
  • He wants to be a professional dancer when he grows up.
  • Is trained in ballet and ballroom dancing.
  • Loves writing and creating new stories.
Nicole Heyman - Kindergarten Teacher Fairmont Anaheim HillsLaying a Foundation for Lifelong Learning
Nicole "The best part about teaching at Fairmont is being able to work with a diverse group of students who are all incredibly talented. It is amazing to be able to challenge students at such a young age and watch these children grow throughout the year.”
  • Loves camping, reading, and traveling
  • Her students love learning random things about her – like the fact that when she was in kindergarten she wanted to be Spiderman when she grew up.
  • Her proudest moments are the times when a student on campus is excited to see her, oftentimes telling her that she’s “the best teacher in the world.” “I live for those moments.”
“I choose to teach at Fairmont because of the sense of community, as well as the drive for our students to succeed.”
DJ Clovis - Music Teacher Fairmont North TustinRunning to the Rhythm
DJ Clovis “I get to work with amazing staff, faculty, parents, and most importantly, students!”
  • Teaches music to all grades — from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Coaches (or has coached) football, basketball, and Run Club
  • Plays bass trombone
  • NJHS Conflict Resolution Coach
  • He has run 15 marathons and 4 ultra marathons.
“The best part of teaching at Fairmont is the autonomy — being able to create a program that fits all of my students. At Fairmont North Tustin, I get to help with a lot of different activities.”