Continuous Enrollment

To make the re-enrollment process easier for our families, Fairmont Private Schools is pleased to implement Continuous Enrollment. Continuous enrollment is Fairmont’s simplified solution to the annual re-enrollment process. Currently, any student attending Fairmont Private Schools will automatically be re-enrolled for the following school year, which will eliminate a mountain of paperwork. The streamlined process will continue until the student graduates, or, if necessary a family opts-out. Thankfully, the vast majority of Fairmont families choose to remain at Fairmont Private Schools until they graduate.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, paperwork! Re-enrollment is a yearly process which involves filling out paperwork and notifying Fairmont Private Schools that you intend to enroll your student at Fairmont for the upcoming school year. Continuous Enrollment is a convenient, one-and-done process, that is simple and hassle-free.

When you sign the Fairmont Private Schools enrollment contract, you automatically opt into Continuous Enrollment. This means your student(s) will return to Fairmont every year until 12th grade unless you notify the school otherwise.

To opt-out of Continuous Enrollment, you must notify your Campus Director via email and complete an in-person interview before February 23. If you breach the contract by dis-enrolling after February 23, you will be contractually obligated to pay one-month tuition. Deposits for the 2021-22 academic year will be charged on Monday, March 1.

You already have! In the continuous enrollment environment, the contract a parent signs to enroll their student(s) at Fairmont Private Schools indicates they will stay enrolled at Fairmont until graduation or they notify us of intent to withdraw.

Fairmont Private Schools understands unique circumstances may occur. For any unique circumstance (moving and relocation, illness or financial hardship) families who need to disenroll mid-year must contact their Campus Director immediately.

No. Our goal is to have every family participate in continuous enrollment which will help the school assess and plan for the following school year and streamline paperwork and processes used in standard registration.

For More Information

Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you in two business days. For additional information on Fairmont’s Continuous enrollment program, please contact our accounting department at 714-234-2700 or