When Fairmont students return to in-person learning, face masks will be required for some parts of the school day. Here’s a quick guide to everything you and your child(ren) will need to know about mask-wearing on Fairmont campuses.

When Will Students Wear Masks?

Students will need to wear a clean mask every day when arriving on campus and in school hallways. As of 7/15/20 our state is under a mandatory face mask directive while indoors. Our students will be provided with a pouch in which they may put their mask when outside for recess or physical education and distanced These safety guidelines will be adjusted throughout the year to match the most up-to-date state regulations.

Why Wear a Mask?

When a cloth face covering is worn, the transmission rate of an airborne virus is greatly reduced. The CDC recommends all children over the age of two wear a mask in public. Wearing a mask in areas where social distancing is not possible, helps us limit the risk of infection for our students, their families, and our staff.

Guide to Face Coverings

Where Can I Find a Quality Mask?

Lands’ End
Masks are available in our uniform store for your convenience. Stock up while shopping for your child(ren)’s uniforms for the new year.

Etsy has many child-friendly patterns. The site is made up of individual shops. Be sure to read reviews for each product to be sure of the mask’s quality.

As a manufacturer of modern medical wear, Jaanuu masks are made with the same antimicrobial fabric that makes up their scrubs. Masks are available in a variety of size packs so you can easily order your child(ren) one for every day of the week.

These masks are made out of a comfortable cotton material that may be an option for children who are sensitive to some fabrics.

Los Angeles Apparel
Another cotton mask option, these are ideal for those who are constantly resisting the urge to touch and fix their mask. The noses of these masks are adjustable to your face to help keep them from slipping.

This small company in San Francisco has a great customer service experience. Their masks come in many different pattern options and can be reversed to mix up your look.

Vistaprint has many masks in child-friendly patterns. Filters are also available.

If you’d prefer not to shop online, masks can now be found at places like Target, Old Navy, and other clothing stores.

Masks Should Be:

  • Comfortable
  • Well-fitted around the nose and ears (elastic ties may hold better)
  • Breathable and soft
  • FUN colors and patterns

Find out how Fairmont’s approach to remote learning sets us apart from the rest and how we plan to re-open campuses safely to in-person instruction once cleared to do so at www.fairmontschools.com/coronavirus

If you have any questions about mask-wearing on Fairmont’s campuses or anything related to our procedures during this time, please email CoronaVirusQuestions@fairmontschools.com.

* All safety guidelines will be adjusted according to the most up-to-date state regulations.