How’s this for a great recipe?

  • Start with high quality ingredients
  • Add in a heaping portion of deliciousness
  • Top it off with a big serving of well-balanced nutrition

What do you get? A lunch from Fairmont’s food service partner, Nutrition Management Service (NMS)!

Fairmont values the wellbeing of our students. An important component of serving their overall needs is providing opportunities to nurture their physical health during their time on campus. NMS offers a high quality lunch program which allows us to do just that (you’ll even find a fruit and vegetable serving included with each day’s selection).

But we all know that students are looking for more than wholesome food — they want it to taste great. We’ve got you covered there, too! NMS general manager Andrew Gooch is a chef extraordinaire, having served as executive chef at the Ritz Carlton Jupiter Golf Club & Spa, Neiman Marcus, and Bear Lakes Country Club before bringing his culinary talents to Fairmont.

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what Hailey Bernal, a junior at our SJC campus, has to say. “The school lunches that Fairmont provides are extremely popular. I can see why, because of all the amazing options we are given. It is nothing like our other (last) school’s lunches. Our food service is so good, we should consider ourselves lucky.”

From turkey wraps to pasta marinara; from orange chicken and rice to a BLT club; from chicken Caesar salad to four cheese pizza — there’s something for even the most discriminating palate (read: picky eater).

In addition to their lunch offerings, NMS also offers a snack menu to keep students fueled as they go throughout their day.

Just as with everything else at Fairmont, safety is of paramount importance for our food service partners. NMS follows all of the proper protocols and guidelines in food safety and handling. All meals are neatly packaged in single-serving containers, along with individually wrapped cutlery kits.

We’re grateful for our partnership with NMS — not only because they take such good care of our Fairmont family, but because they help care for the wider community. Last summer, they teamed up with students from the Prep to provide brown bag lunches to low income and homeless children. Read more about this outreach effort here.

If COVID has added more things to your daily “to do” list than you know what to do with, why not take packing your child’s lunch off that list? For menus and additional information, please visit here.