Have you made your summer plans? Whether you are looking for a recreational summer camp experience to keep your child engaged or need to boost academic skills with summer school, there’s a place for your child at Fairmont. Here are the Top 9 reasons why Fairmont’s summer programs may be the perfect solution for keeping children on track and off screens once school gets out.

Reason #1: ACA Summer Camp Accreditation

Fairmont’s summer camp for kids is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), the nation’s premier accrediting organization for organized camps. An ACA accreditation means that a summer camp has met high standards for safety, health, and quality of programming, as evaluated by a jury of its peers. It also signifies that the summer camp has undergone an in-depth review of its summer program — from staff qualifications and training to emergency preparedness — so parents can know that their kids are in good hands.

Reason #2: Honored as “Best Day Camp”

Fairmont’s summer camp (available to grades P-8) has been met with rave reviews over its many years of operation. But don’t just take our word for it — listen to the voice of the people! Our program has been voted best in class in Parenting OC’s annual poll a total of five times! Keep reading and you’ll understand why.

Reason #3: Multiple locations throughout Orange County

Whether you’re looking for an action-packed variety of arts and crafts, sports, and team-building summer camp activities, or an opportunity to build academic confidence and boost achievement for the coming year, Fairmont has you covered. And with five campus locations throughout Orange County, there is a summer option near you! Learn more about Fairmont’s campuses here.

Reason #4: For-credit high school courses

Students (including incoming freshmen) can choose from a range of for-credit courses,  which are UC-approved, and WASC accredited, at our summer programs for high school students. Small class sizes and a robust platform set your student up for success whether they are taking a highly academic course like Honors Chemistry or a less rigorous one such as Health.

Reason #5: Experienced Fairmont teachers

While small class sizes and a great curriculum may get students on the road to success, it’s caring, dedicated teachers who guide them every step along the way at our summer school. Fairmont’s teachers are expert practitioners of the art and science of education. They are second to none at blending time-honored fundamentals with innovative approaches to learning — all the while balancing intellectual growth with social and emotional well-being.

Reason #6: Well-trained camp counselors

With decades of experience with summer programs, Fairmont’s summer team brings the level of experience and understanding of education you want for your child. They also come with an innovative, out-of-the-box way of thinking, which keeps things fresh and exciting at our summer camps for kids. Every counselor has completed an extensive interview process (including fingerprinting and background checks with the Department of Justice and FBI) and comprehensive training (including CPR and first aid certification for summer camp directors, along with diversity and safety awareness training for all staff).

Reason #7: Fun + Learning + Social Connection

Fairmont’s award-winning summer camps for kids combine the fun of traditional camp activities with an intentional focus on building a sense of community and belonging. They also have the added richness of academic learning opportunities, which differentiates Fairmont’s offering from others’.

Reason #8: Catch up or get ahead academically

At the younger grades, summer school provides the perfect opportunity to spend a few hours a day staying sharp. Fairmont’s elementary and middle summer school programs help students build academic confidence while reinforcing core reading, writing, and math skills. At our summer programs for high school students, teens — including incoming freshmen — can get a jump on next year and boost their knowledge and transcripts.

Reason # 9: Flexible programming with extended hours

“My child needs the engagement and interaction of a summer camp. But he also needs the academics that he can only get in summer school.”

No problem! Fairmont offers a combination program so kids can experience all of the fun and connectedness of a camp PLUS the structured academic learning available only through summer school. Parents who need a little extra time in their day can also take advantage of extended care, offered both before and after regular hours.

Ready for the ed-venture to begin? Learn more or register here.