The success of a child is the greatest desire for any parent. At Fairmont, our exceptional teachers introduce content using multi-modality instructional strategies to support that success. Students experience visual, auditory, and hands-on opportunities to take in new information and make valuable connections. Using the weekly note or week-at-a-glance that you receive from your child’s teacher, you can reinforce the content that is being covered in class, too! Here are some ways that you can support a similar learning experience at home:


If you can teach someone about a topic, then you truly know it! Ask your child to share a new concept with you as if you don’t know it yourself. Maybe you’ll even learn something new!


Students can use modeling clay, art materials, coding programs, etc. to reimagine a lesson learned at school.


What else can be learned on the topic? Read or safely search the internet for additional information from reputable online sources that will further engage your learner in a topic.


Remember, not everything clicks right away. Provide the time necessary for practice and repetition until your child is comfortable with new content. Short spurts of practice can be more valuable than long study sessions. Low-stress opportunities to share knowledge provide parents and children with opportunities to deepen a common goal of academic success. Families partnering with their children and Fairmont teachers is what it’s all about!