This past week we all held a lot of power- the power to vote. The United States was founded on this ideal that a country works best when everyone has a say in the goings on within the country.

Admittedly, it took quite a while for that to actually happen for all people, but we are here now. While voting is both a right and a privilege, it is our duty as citizens to get out there and let those in power know what we think and what we want. And while it is a right, sometimes we still take it for granted until that right gets taken away.

At Fairmont, we want to encourage students to be engaged citizens of the world.
We want our students to be active members of their communities and care what goes on in the world around them.

Fairmont students are uniquely positioned to make a difference in their world as well. While a small handful of our students can vote because of their age, we have students who have been active in their communities as poll workers or canvassing for the causes they believe in.

Yet, it is the experiences in working with a diverse group of students from across the world that gives our students a perspective unlike any other. Our students understand cultural differences as well as divides in belief and can engage in conversations that seek out commonalities.

It is always empowering to see our youth engaged in social movements and desiring to make the world a better place in whatever way they see fit. For some students it may be more political, others may take a scientific approach, and others may use the arts to lift one another up.

Regardless of the means, the goal remains the same, to leave your community a little better than you found it. We hope that our Fairmont students will carry those ideals with them throughout their time in high school and throughout their lives.