Introducing Fairmont Summer Camp 2024, where the spirit of adventure will dive deeper than ever! With a theme that celebrates the mysteries of the deep sea, “Take the Plunge” is not just our tagline – it’s our mantra. Our sensational summer staff isn’t just dipping their toes into the proverbial waters; they’re diving headfirst to bring an ocean of enthusiasm and fun to our campers, pulling out all the stops to ensure that this summer will be nothing less than extraordinary!

“Seas” The Day At Summer Camp 2024!

“The deep sea adventure theme was actually something we started developing four years ago before putting it on pause because of the pandemic,’” said Chris Keramidas (Mr. K), Managing Director of Enrollment Operations, who also oversees Fairmont’s summer programming. “When we started planning for this summer in early fall, Karen Saturday – our incredible Camp Director at the Historic Anaheim Campus – suggested we revisit it because it had so much to offer.”

And revisit it, they did! Not only did they enhance some of the great ideas they developed in 2020, but they’re also looking to add many more to the mix – some of which will undoubtedly be born out of the American Camp Association Leadership Conference the team will be attending in April, where they will receive top-tier training and have the opportunity to collaborate and “compare notes” with peers from all over the country. 

Our Camp Directors aren’t the only ones who will benefit from training. Fairmont’s camp counselors – those vital to the day-to-day activities of camp – are set to undergo a comprehensive four-day training program, significantly exceeding the industry standard of just one day. This intensive preparation covers crucial areas such as safety protocols, effective activity management, supervision during field trips, and detailed video training and role-playing for handling a range of potential scenarios that may come up. 

The robust training counselors receive is a highlight for Mr. K. “You can never get too much training — as long as it is relevant and can be put into action. And, of course, when you’re talking about a summer camp, you also want it to have a healthy dose of fun.”

One of the most effective training tools is the “look, sound, feel” evaluation, which helps counselors understand the experience through the prism of the camper:

  • What does camp look like? For instance, is it colorful or dull … multi-textured or flat … reflective of the theme or not?
  • What does camp sound like? Music or no music … what types of conversations are going on among campers and between campers and the staff?
  • What does camp feel like? Do campers seem happy or sad … safe or frightened?

Equipped with this type of understanding, staff can create a more meaningful and rewarding experience for students, where they feel engaged, secure, and joyfully immersed in the magic of camp.

Fairmont has a 70-year history of success in summer programming,” said Mr. K. Last year, almost 1,700 students attended our summer programs. We know how to do this right. We have the ‘secret sauce’ – and we strive to make that sauce even better every year.”

So, are you ready for your kids to embark on a journey filled with discovery, fun, and unforgettable memories? Then, it’s time to dive into the ultimate summer adventure! Registration begins soon – be on the lookout for additional information.


We are excited to offer a series of enrichment camps for 6th to 8th grade students, each dedicated to a unique area of interest. Spanning five weeks, we will host one specialized camp per week, allowing campers the flexibility to attend as many as they wish. These enrichment camps also may be paired with day camp and summer school. Our lineup includes:

  • Performing arts
  • Culinary
  • Robotics
  • Cheerleading
  • Percussion


“Seas” The Day At Summer Camp 2024!

Culture of Excellence

Founded on innovation, Fairmont propels student success in the US and around the world.

“Seas” The Day At Summer Camp 2024!

We Are Family

Fairmont meets children where they are and gives them the opportunity to thrive. We can’t wait to meet you!

“Seas” The Day At Summer Camp 2024!

Continuum of Learning

Five dynamic campuses in Orange County, CA offering individualized instruction for P-12th grade students.

Anaheim Hills Campus (Preschool – 8th Grade)
Historic Anaheim Campus (Preschool – 8th Grade)
North Tustin Campus (Pre-K – 8th Grade)
Preparatory Academy (9th – 12th Grade)
San Juan Capistrano Campus (Preschool – 12th Grade)
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“Seas” The Day At Summer Camp 2024!

Developing Leaders

Fairmont’s scholar-athletes compete in a manner that promotes teamwork, nurtures leadership, and honors sportsmanship.

“Seas” The Day At Summer Camp 2024!

Cultivating Creativity

Whether exploring visual art, music, theatre or dance, Fairmont encourages creative expression from an early age.

“Seas” The Day At Summer Camp 2024!

Balance + Connection

Students are challenged to strive for their best, understanding that care for self and others is fundamental to success in school and in life.

“Seas” The Day At Summer Camp 2024!


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