Prior to the pandemic, few primary or secondary schools had occasion to delve into the world of remote learning. But that’s not the case at Fairmont! An innovator in education for nearly seven decades, we began researching best practices in distance learning over a decade ago. So while other schools were scrambling to adjust to a new mode of teaching last fall, Fairmont was already well ahead of the curve.

Fairmont’s Education Team leveraged lessons learned from past experience and coupled them with innovative new strategies to develop an extremely robust program. The end result: our remote students not only survived academically during the pandemic, they thrived — no “COVID Slide” at Fairmont!


The same remote program that Fairmont students have flourished under is now available to elementary and middle school families who live ANYWHERE in the Continental United States!

Here are some hallmarks of the remote learning experience at Fairmont Schools:

Exemplary Teachers and Curriculum

Take an exceptional curriculum and put it in the capable hands of gifted and caring teachers, and you have the formula for success. The excellence of Fairmont’s faculty, coupled with our rigorous standards-based curriculum, sets our remote program apart from others. Students who are learning from home receive the same world-class education as those who are in our classrooms.

Professional Development

Fairmont prioritizes professional development — our teachers have been highly trained in both the art and the science of delivering instruction remotely. Through ongoing professional development, they continue to avail themselves of the most current, data-driven remote learning resources which help them maximize student success.

Technology: Strong Software, Systems, Support, and Savvy

Remote programs are dependent upon extensive use of technology. Fairmont invested heavily in our IT infrastructure and purchased access to the most effective software delivery systems. We have “boots on the ground” technical support personnel to troubleshoot (remember, technology can be fickle), and employ tech-savvy teachers. Check out this blog post to see how Fairmont’s use of technology elevated remote instruction to a whole new level.

Student Engagement

Educators and researchers will tell you that student engagement is vital to a fruitful student-centered learning experience. Fairmont is on the cutting-edge of remote learning — employing approaches such as live-streaming lessons from the classroom with devices like SWIVL™, and leveraging software programs such Nearpod, which are specifically designed to boost engagement.

Looking for a remote program which yields proven results? We encourage you to learn more about what Fairmont has to offer to elementary and middle school students. Please contact Janice Lampa at Fairmont Historic Anaheim Campus for more information.