We are so excited to be reunited with our preschool students on August 17! Though many schools across the state can not yet return to on-campus learning, preschools have been given an exception and can safely open. We are pursuing a waiver that will allow elementary students back on campus, but for the time being, only preschool and pre-kindergarten students will resume on-campus learning.

To welcome our preschool students back to Fairmont safely, we have some new procedures in place. 

Priority on Social-Emotional Learning 

While social-emotional health is always vital for the well-being of our students, it is especially important that we check in with our students during what may be a stressful time.

Our teachers are ready to return to campus and support their students not only academically but also socially as they transition to learning after extended periods at home.

At Fairmont, we subscribe to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the saying, “Maslow before we bloom.” We believe students must be fulfilled physiologically and feel safe before succeeding in academics and social interactions. Our team will slowly transition into academics after making sure students are social-emotionally healthy and ready to learn.


All campuses will send their families new drop-off times that will vary by student grade-level. The child valet service will be utilized by all parents during drop-off with preschool sign-in done digitally through Tadpoles.

Parents will receive a brief health survey that they will fill out on their phones before drop-off. The survey asks questions about possible COVID-19 exposure and symptoms. If any of the survey’s answers relay that a student may have the virus or has come into contact with someone who has it, the parent will call the campus to discuss if the child can safely come to school.

At drop-off, students will have their temperature checked with a no-contact thermometer, and then a staff member will escort the student to class. All of this will occur in a fun and cheerful manner to keep students upbeat and help them adapt to the new procedure.

Face Coverings & Sanitization

Students will need to wear face coverings on campus. They may remove them if they choose to while outside for recess or PE if safely distanced from others. Read our blog post about face masks for more information and suggestions of where to purchase some.

Sanitizing stations are up around the campus with preschool-safe hand sanitizer. Bathroom fixtures are updated to be touchless, and the whole campus will be frequently cleaned. An anti-microbial cleaner will be used on play equipment so students can safely enjoy campus playgrounds during recess. We will also leave doorways open to keep airflow moving.

Teaching Social Distancing

It can be challenging to explain to preschoolers how and why they must distance themselves from others. We will use creative means to teach them how to know they are a safe distance from one another like using masking tape to designate spaces in the classroom and having them use “airplane arms” to make sure they aren’t too close to classmates.

Other Temporary Changes

For the safety of our students and staff, campus visitors, including parents, will be limited. Though, as always, parents can contact the school by phone or email.

Assemblies will still take place weekly but by virtual means to keep our students from congregating in one space. Field trips are rescheduled until January for the time being for all grade-levels.

Parent Support & Feedback

We know this time and these changes can be stressful for our parents. Our school counselor, Jill Thomas, will be available to speak with parents via Zoom if you’d like to set up a meeting. We will also be reaching out to our families for feedback on how students are adjusting to these new procedures and what we can do better.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your campus directly. We cannot wait to see our preschoolers’ beautiful faces in person and hope to see our other students on campus again soon.