Fairmont’s preschool program has emerged as a sought-after solution for parents seeking a highly academic early education for their children. Numerous research studies have demonstrated that children who receive robust academic instruction during preschool are more likely to excel academically as they advance through their education. As a result, Fairmont has become a top choice for many families throughout Orange County and beyond.

“In light of the learning disruptions that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have become increasingly concerned about providing their children with a solid foundation to support their academic and life journeys,” said Dana Vasquez, Head of School at Fairmont San Juan Capistrano.

“Parents are looking to do everything possible to help their kids succeed and stay ahead. For many, that starts with enrolling their preschoolers in a program which has proven academic results.”

Fairmont’s preschool program emphasizes mastery of key literacy and math competencies – preparing students to become readers and writers by the time they enter kindergarten while simultaneously offering developmentally-appropriate learning experiences. 

It also provides young learners with a diverse and engaging array of enrichment opportunities, designed to help them think critically, discover new interests, and develop a love of learning. Students receive weekly instruction in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Spanish, music, art, and physical education. 

That was particularly attractive to Kathryn Cullen, whose daughter had been at another preschool before finding their school home at Fairmont. “Our last school had some enrichment time, but Fairmont takes it to a different level. They’re very intentional about the way they incorporate enrichment into the children’s schedule. It’s a priority – not just an afterthought. And my daughter loves it. She’ll come home and share new words she’s learning in Spanish and sing songs from her spring concert. I really appreciate this whole child approach to learning.”

For Melisa Stanwood, the fact Fairmont recognizes that each child is unique holds great significance. “As a mother of two boys, I’m grateful that each one is viewed as an individual. All kids are different and our teachers’ ability to meet them where they are means they are getting the personalized instruction they need.”

Benefits Beyond Academics

While many parents are seeking academic rigor, they aren’t willing to forgo the caring and nurturing environment that most preschools are known for. Fortunately, Fairmont’s educational approach values both academic instruction and emotional intelligence, recognizing that a child’s academic and social-emotional development are interconnected. Teachers and administrators strive to create a warm and welcoming learning environment in which children can flourish.

Meenu Rai experienced this first-hand. Her daughter went through separation anxiety when she started school last year. “Before the school year started, we began prepping our daughter for her new adventure,” said Rai. “We talked about how she was going to be just like her older brother – going to school in the morning and coming home in the afternoon. She understood this intellectually. But when the reality of being separated from me sunk in, she really struggled. Thankfully, her teacher and the preschool director were there to support us, giving us concrete guidance about how to support our daughter as she processed her feelings. We saw a great turnaround. And today, she enjoys school and loves her teacher and friends.”

Another priority for today’s parents is campus safety. Fairmont maintains closed campuses, has guards on duty throughout the school day, and contracts with a security expert to conduct annual evaluations of campus infrastructure protection, threat assessment, risk management, and security planning. 

“In a time when many people are concerned about the landscape of education, I’m proud to be part of a school that has a proven record of bringing out the best in its students through an education that leads with solid academics – all while making sure to care for their social, emotional, developmental, and physical well-being,” said Vasquez.

Fairmont offers early childhood education at four Orange County campuses – Anaheim Hills, Historic Anaheim, North Tustin, and San Juan Capistrano. Catch a glimpse into our wonderful world of preschool in this short video.