Freshmen, the time has come. You’ve completed years of education and now you are here on the big stage, high school. Now you get to see first-hand if all of those movies about high school will really come to life in the halls of Fairmont Prep. If you’ve ever seen “Stranger Things” on Netflix, rest assured that no Demogorgon has ever threatened Fairmont Prep and that Spider-Man does not make his webbing in our science labs. What we do have is a wonderful group of students, teachers, counselors, and staff who are invested in making your high school experience the best it can be.

Freshman year is all about figuring out high school — which classes to take, which clubs and organizations you want to try, and which people are going to be part of your group of friends. Take advantage of that openness. Use your freshman year to try some new things, don’t be afraid to do so, and don’t be afraid to fail — it’s part of the learning process.

One of the great things about Fairmont is that it does not matter whether you are a senior or a freshman, you have the same opportunities as everyone else. Students don’t care how many years you have been on campus, everyone is welcome and encourage to try new things.

This year, do well in your classes. Give yourself the chance to take higher level courses should you choose to do so. Set the foundation for the next four years by getting to know your teachers and developing a strong work ethic. Most importantly, find something to get involved with on campus. It doesn’t matter what it is, and you don’t have to the best at it either, just get involved. Try that new thing and meet those new people. Use the tools around you. Talk to other students, talk to teachers, talk to your counselor — get to know the resources that Fairmont has put in place.

If you follow those basic ideas, you will have set yourself up to succeed as you go through high school. Just watch out for that Demogorgon hiding out under the stairs.