NIBLL has been feeding the biggest names in professional sports, tech, and entertainment for nearly a decade. And now, they’re bringing their highly acclaimed and highly healthy + delicious meals to our Fairmont Anaheim Hills, Historic Anaheim, Prep, and SJC communities.*

A culinary frontrunner in dedication to clean and unprocessed ingredients, NIBLL crafts menus that are as nutritionally rich as they are flavorful. Their plant-forward, high-protein meals satisfy cravings while boosting energy–fueling students throughout the day. Meals are meticulously prepared by master chefs with outstanding attention to flavor.

“NIBLL food is clean, yummy, and free of highly-processed ingredients,” said Kristen Thibeault, Executive Chef and co-founder of the company. “We avoid excessive flour, butter, sugar, MSG, and other less than healthful things.”

With a rotation of 150 menus, students will have an abundance of items to choose from over the course of the school year. Each day, NIBLL will offer vegan/vegetarian options, gluten-free choices, grill/American items, Indian meals, and Asian offerings. Check out the menus here: Anaheim HillsHistoric AnaheimPrep, and SJC.

“Your kiddo’s taste buds will never get bored,” said Chef Kristen. “Our chefs are incredibly picky and hard to please. They are obsessed with keeping things interesting.  We are constantly testing new ideas, creating new flavors, and curating healthy and fun, kid-friendly menus with themes like California Farmstand, Burmese BBQ, South Indian, Garden of Eden, West African, Thai, Caribbean, and Afghan Bazaar.” 

Say goodbye to the same ol’ school lunch!

“I know some parents may be thinking, ‘What about my kid’s favorite comfort dishes like mac and cheese and chicken fingers?’ or ‘My kids won’t eat all those exotic flavors’. No problem. We love classic kid’s food, too, and will have great options each day,” she said.

Because one size does not fit all when it comes to appetite, parents can choose different portion sizes to suit the needs of their child:

  • Happy Belly: Pint-size portions – AH, HAC, SJC (2.5 oz protein + 2.5 oz carb + 2 oz veg + fruit + beverage) – $7
  • Achieve: Standard portions – AH, HAC, Prep, SJC (4 oz protein + 4 oz carb + 4 oz veg + fruit + beverage ) – $10
  • Pro Cut: Large portions – Prep, SJC (7 oz protein + 8 oz carb + 6 oz veg + fruit + beverage) – $14

NIBLL’S online portal makes managing your child’s lunches easy. Quickly set up a family profile, add individual child profiles detailing dietary needs and grade level, and manage them all with a single payment method. Choose your child’s preferred portion size and daily meals, and easily add funds via ACH or credit card. Plus, with the auto-reload feature, you’ll never run low on funds.  

PLEASE NOTE: Orders must be placed by 7:00 pm the night before/ no same-day orders accepted.

“We’ve cracked the code on making delicious food healthy and healthy food delicious. We call it Stealth Health,” said Chef Kristen. LET’S EAT!

Check out their menu here. Ready to order now? Click here.

*NOTE: Our North Tustin campus will continue to use Choicelunch as its food service provider.


Having developed one of the first plant-based personal chef delivery companies in the country and serving over four million meals nationally, Chef Kristen is considered one of the pioneers of the modern plant-based food movement.

After opening Kombu Kitchen in San Francisco in 2012, she served as Executive Chef at The Four Seasons, opening the first plant-based restaurant inside the iconic four-star hotel brand. In 2013, she won the prestigious “San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef” competition, besting over 450 other chefs.

In 2015, Chef Kristen launched NIBLL, a next-generation, high-performance food company with kitchens in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Today NIBLL is the fastest-growing corporate catering company in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, serving thousands of healthy meals a day to athletes, Hollywood icons, and high-profile company employees. Her client list includes The Dodgers, Lakers, Golden State Warriors, LA Clippers, Anaheim Ducks, New England Patriots, San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox, Netflix, Amazon, BuzzFeed, Ring, Pandora, Levi, Apple, Kayak, and Lyft. 

Guided by a passion to end the growing food inequity in our country, Chef Kristen founded the Patra Project in 2016, a 501c3 that has fed over 100,000 meals to children and families in need.

Chef Kristen is a certified sports nutritionist, attended the Stanford Nutritional Science Program, and holds her culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu.