The National Safety Council estimates that “some 25 million students nationwide begin and end their day with a trip on a school bus.” Parents select school-sponsored transportation for their children for a whole host of reasons – and we’ve outlined some of the most compelling ones in this article.

Safety First

A parent’s highest priority is ensuring the safety of their children. Would it surprise you to know that kids are 70 times more likely to get to school safely on a bus than in a car? School transportation vehicles are among the most regulated vehicles on the road. Drivers must be licensed and undergo extensive training (including student behavior management, safety and security procedures) and submit to random drug and alcohol testing, and driver record checks. You can trust that your kids are in good hands.


Imagine not having to stress about getting your kids to school and then get yourself to work on time. Sounds dreamy, right? One of the key benefits of school transportation is the convenience it affords parents who have to juggle responsibilities at home, the office, and a myriad of other places.

Opportunities for New Friendships

Buses typically transport students from various grade levels and social circles, so kids get the chance to grow their social skills by interacting with students other than the ones from their own classroom. The time they spend traveling affords them some valuable socialization to “wake up” before they begin their school day and to “wind down” after it.

Fosters Responsibility in Children

School transportation services are historically punctual – they don’t wait for late arrivals. Armed with this knowledge, children quickly learn that if they’re not ready on time, they will miss their ride – a mistake they probably won’t want to make more than once. As their level of responsibility and self-governance grows, so too does their self-confidence and budding independence.


According to School Bus Facts, “With a nationwide capability of removing up to 17 million cars from joining the daily commute, school bus ridership saves over 20 million tons of CO2 emissions each year.” Everyone benefits when there is less pollution, fewer cars on the road, and less traffic.

At Fairmont, we recognize the value of offering transportation services to our families. And with over three decades of experience, we know how to do transportation RIGHT! We maintain our own fleet of vans and buses, use certified drivers, and follow COVID protocols. If you’ve never considered transportation services for your student, now may just be the time. We encourage you to learn more by visiting our website or by emailing