Webster defines “epic” as “extending beyond the usual or ordinary, especially in size or scope.” Last August, when Fairmont’s sensational summer staff first began planning for this year’s camp, they knew that they wanted the experience to be bigger and better than anything they had ever done before. They wanted something EPIC! After all, 2023 marks Fairmont’s 70th year of summer programming.

They also wanted a camp theme they hadn’t developed before. With a robust seven decades of summer programming under Fairmont’s belt, it seemed like coming up with something new might be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead, it turned out to be like looking for a dinosaur in a closet! “Believe it or not, we have never before had a prehistoric camp theme,” said Chris Keramidas, Managing Director of Enrollment Operations, who also oversees summer programs. And with that, the direction of Summer Camp 2023 was “hatched”: 

Jurassic – It’s Going to Be Epic!

Fairmont Summer Programs Reveals 2023 Camp Theme ... Drumroll, Please!

“One of the reasons Fairmont camps are so successful is that we’re always pushing ourselves to the next level,” said Mr. Keramidas. “We’ve got an incredible team of Camp Directors – we’re calling them ‘Park Rangers’ this year – who are brimming with creativity and have an astute understanding of what makes a camp experience exceptional. They bring all of this to bear during our nearly year-long planning period for summer.”

But the Park Rangers didn’t want bigger … better … and brand new to only apply to the overarching Jurassic theme. They also wanted to apply that standard to each individual component of Fairmont’s camp activities. Whether that meant retooling a cooking lesson with a fresh new approach or tweaking a time-tested favorite activity to make it even more over-the-top, the leadership team set its sights on creating an adventure of epic enjoyment for 2023!

And because this year celebrates our summer program’s 70th anniversary, you can bet that camp will give a special nod to many things-70s – like dress as if you’re 70, Disco Day, 70 dinosaur species … you get the idea!

Even as this article is being written, the “bones” of the epic Jurassic experience are already starting to take shape. But the Park Rangers will continue to hone and magnify their plans up until (and maybe beyond) the opening day of camp on June 5th. They have high expectations that the creative sparks will fly this April when they attend the American Camp Association’s Spring Leadership Conference in Palm Springs. “Camp people know camp people,” said Mr. Keramidas. “We will walk into this conference like sponges – prepared to soak in all kinds of innovative ideas and practical takeaways from hundreds of camp professionals. We’ll pull out the gems and incorporate them into the camp experience.”

Because developing a love of learning is deeply rooted in Fairmont’s DNA, our camps always have an element of “ed-venture” – education + fun – to them. Each day offers engaging academic lessons in subjects like science and technology.

And then there’s the social and emotional development that Fairmont’s Camp Directors and counselors are so gifted at nurturing. Campers grow in making connections with others while also growing in independence and self-confidence. “I love that the kids get to learn more about themselves – who they are, how they interact with others, what they are capable of doing,” said Mr. Keramidas. “We know they’re going to have a blast at camp. But at the end of the day, if a child grows as a person after their experience with us, we know we’ve done our job.”