This is the 20th anniversary of Fairmont Schools’ annual Report Card publication–and what a year it has been!

Back in 2000, Fairmont published our first Report Card which highlighted our schools’ test scores, college acceptances, and other outcomes-related information. We were proud at the level of transparency we embraced 20 years ago and continue to believe that Fairmont’s results speak for themselves.

We hope you enjoy this retrospective of a year that was unlike any other. Although COVID presented unprecedented challenges for our students, parents, faculty, and staff, it presented an opportunity to showcase our grit, determination, and resilience–qualities that we believe rank right up there with top test scores!

Hindsight may be “20-20,” but foresight is #FairmontStrong. We succeeded in 2020 because we were forward-thinking, proactive, nimble, and resilient. So let’s examine the incredible things our community accomplished during the year of COVID — all of which will catapult us into a brighter future.

Fresh off the presses –

here is “2020: A Year in Review.”

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