Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” Lombardi’s words will resonate with parents whose student-athletes aspire to play at the highest levels, because they understand that elite athletes require elite training. “Perfect” practice does not take place in a vacuum — it is wholly dependent upon pairing committed athletes with the most highly-skilled coaches in order to bring its promises to fruition.

It’s for this reason that Fairmont Schools launched Fairmont Athletic Academy in 2020. “We recognized that there was a real need for an athletics program that could take a club or travel team athlete and turn them into a regional or national player,” said Fairmont President Chad Jackson. “But we didn’t want the exceptional nature of our program to stop with athletics. We wanted to bring it into the classroom as well. Fairmont is renowned for its premier academics. We didn’t want parents to have to choose between exemplary training and exemplary academics. In our program, they get the best of both worlds.”

Fairmont Athletic Academy is offered to middle school student-athletes at Fairmont Schools’ campus in San Juan Capistrano. Athletic Academy students benefit from spending part of their school day improving their sports performance and skills while reaping the rewards of Fairmont Schools’ award-winning academic curriculum and teachers. Student-athletes receive athletics training as a designated class each day of the week, along with sport-specific training three times a week.

“Our academy has an exclusive partnership with The Treigning Lab, a world-class athletics training facility which uses science and technology to maximize performance,” said Mr. Jackson. “Students work with expert coaches and trainers on a comprehensive, customized training regiment. This type of individualized training is well beyond the scope of what can be provided by most schools, youth sports organizations, and other athletics academies.” Fairmont Athletic Academy students also work with a certified strength & conditioning coach and a full-time athletic trainer. They are on hand to ensure student health and safety as our students build upon their skills and work towards their athletic goals.

Do you have a middle schooler who is looking to get to the next level of play? Come learn how he or she can benefit from Fairmont Athletic Academy’s unique and personalized approach to growing elite student-athletes. Schedule a tour today!