What do 168 colleges and universities across the globe have in common?

Easy, Fairmont Prep.

That’s right, this fall Fairmont Prep welcomed 168 colleges to their campus for day visits. Representatives from 30 different states and 7 countries came just to meet with our students and counselors. And those numbers don’t even take into account the additional 100+ colleges that attended our college fair.

With so many high schools here in Orange County, why do colleges take the time to visit Fairmont? There are a wide variety of reasons, but it starts with the quality of our students. They are academically and socially prepared to take on college, and the universities know that. They know there is no risk when admitting a Fairmont student, that they are just ready to go.

The great thing is that it is not just one kind of school that visits Fairmont. We get large public research universities, small liberal arts and sciences schools, art colleges, schools that focus on engineering or business, schools that offer bridge programs for international students, colleges that offer extra support for students with learning differences, and everything else in between. It is a great reminder about the incredible variety of schools out there and how we can fill the needs of all of our students.

The college counselors also appreciate the opportunity to learn more about each of these schools and being able to recommend them to our students. There are all kinds of hidden gems out there and we hope that our students will explore those with the same enthusiasm that they do the big names out there. It’s great to be at Fairmont and have these amazing resources coming to our campus throughout the fall.