Back-to-School 2020 is a little bit different this year, but, at Fairmont, we embrace the challenge and opportunity to adapt.

We are excited to offer our families two options for returning to school this fall. Students can learn in-person on campus where new procedures are in place to keep them and staff safe, including enhanced cleaning procedures, daily healthy screenings, and physical distancing inside and outside the classroom.

If you and your child(ren) aren’t ready to physically go back to school, you’ll have the option of joining our new Remote Learning program.

New technology in the classroom makes it so our virtual students feel just as involved and present as those physically in their seats.

A flat-panel display allows teachers and in-class students to see remote students through Zoom and vice versa.

The in-class camera is attached to a swiveling device that tracks the teacher so that the camera is always pointed towards them as they move about the classroom. Teachers will also have mics so that remote students can hear them no matter where they are in the room. In addition to the camera focused on the teacher and classroom, teachers’ presentations will be screen shared with students at home in high resolution.

This new technology allows us to bring students’ classrooms into the safety of their homes without sacrificing an in-class experience. Remote students will receive the same Fairmont education they’ve come to love and will continue to grow their close connections with their teachers and classmates.