There are six core pillars of good character development, giving Orange County youth the greatest potential for success. By fostering your child to develop a strong personality with clear morals, ethics, and values, your child will be positioned for a positive future.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the six pillars of character development in youth of Orange County, California, that should be considered when selecting a private school for your child.

By instilling each student with the true value and power that truth holds, trustworthiness is fostered. Students are taught the importance of honesty and allowed to experience the satisfaction of earned trust. Sincerity, reliability, and the courage to stand firm in your truths are all exhibited by the youth who attend Fairmont.

Developing trustworthiness is a cornerstone of any successful individual and a defining point of good character. With it comes a natural sense of respect for yourself and those around you. The values and virtues necessary to shine in social situations while being masterful at conflict resolution and reasoning are difficult to find without first establishing trust in yourself.

Students at Fairmont are helped to understand the full scope of how respect impacts the way they experience life. Through valuing the qualities that make each of us unique, our eyes are opened to the total beauty of others and the world around us.

Our faculty members aim to encourage a respectful mindset among Orange County youth. From respectful behavior to respectful language use, we help youth embody a spirit of fairness and appreciation. Manners are not imposed and mindlessly enacted. When realized and understood, manners become an innate part of your child’s personality exhibited daily.

Responsibility is a facet of character development that touches all aspect of a child’s life. From personal commitments to moral courage, responsibility is integral in defining the values and principles of your child. Fairmont promotes an attitude of responsibility whereby students are helped to understand how honoring your word and answering for your actions result in a clear system of core values critical to building a successful future.

Fairness is not a balancing scale on which decisions are measured as lesser or greater or better or worse. Equality, justice, and objectivity are at the core of fairness for youth in Orange County. As an aspect of character development, fairness is a broad pillar that Fairmont takes seriously. By helping a child realize the value that balance plays without bias, his or her natural ability to act in a responsible, caring manner is brought to the front of decision making.

While respect and fairness go together, it’s important to enable children to collaborate effectively while realizing their own strengths. Students attending Fairmont in Orange County learn to embrace differences of culture, race, society, and spirituality that fosters growth and experience.

As a pillar of character development, a caring nature will empower your child to approach life with respect and appreciation for himself or herself and the surrounding world. A caring individual has the strength of character to embrace differences, overcome problems, and navigate situations easily.

When students learn to adopt caring attitudes at Fairmont, the benefits touch every area of their personalities. Your child will exhibit enhanced decision-making skills and a deeper sense of loyalty and responsibility, and gratitude will be shown for the finer aspects of learning and life.

The development of good citizenship ensures that your child has a sound, well-rounded understanding of how the government works. He or she will also realize the full scope of collaboration and united efforts toward making Orange County and the world a better place. Fairmont students are educated at a young age to comprehend the importance of showing good citizenship.

A citizenship education helps your child cultivate civility and build firm ethical foundations, both of which prove to be an asset to society. Students of Fairmont are nurtured toward exercising their civic responsibilities with healthy attitudes in good behavior. Once core values such as respect, trustworthiness, and a balanced stance to justice have been adopted, students will find their cognitive, strategic, and critical-thinking skills empowered.

Your child is guided toward developing his or her own sense of identity as a national citizen while fully understanding personal rights and duties and the underlying societal values that lead to enhanced political and general literacy as well as superior intellectual aptitude.

The Importance of Developing a Strong Character
The development of defining qualities and characteristics in Orange County children that differentiate one individual from another is critical to forming a strong, successful personality. Studies show that early, consistent character development lead to the following benefits:

Strong core ethical and moral values
Conscious awareness of defined thoughts, feelings, and behavior
Proactive intentional approach to life
Engaging moral actions
Intrinsic motivation to learn
Moral leadership with long-term responsibility
A child’s earliest years are when his or her character is influenced the greatest, making character development an integral part of education at all levels and ages.

Fairmont Private Schools — Bringing Out the Best in Orange County Youth
Character development is a core facet of education at Fairmont Private Schools. From guidance on the sports field to motivation in the classroom, our students are assisted in developing a strong character along every step of the way.
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