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Founded on innovation, Fairmont propels student success in the US and around the world.

We Are Family

Fairmont meets children where they are and gives them the opportunity to thrive. We can’t wait to meet you!

Continuum of Learning

Five dynamic campuses in Orange County, CA offering individualized instruction for P-12th grade students.

Anaheim Hills Campus (Preschool – 8th Grade)
Historic Anaheim Campus (Preschool – 8th Grade)
North Tustin Campus (Preschool – 8th Grade)
Preparatory Academy (9th – 12th Grade)
San Juan Capistrano Campus (Preschool – 8th Grade)
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Developing Leaders

Fairmont’s scholar-athletes compete in a manner that promotes teamwork, nurtures leadership, and honors sportsmanship.

Cultivating Creativity

Whether exploring visual art, music, theatre or dance, Fairmont encourages creative expression from an early age.

Balance + Connection

Students are challenged to strive for their best, understanding that care for self and others is fundamental to success in school and in life.

FAIRMONT Athletic Academy

Fairmont Athletic Academy provides middle school athletes with an innovative educational experience that integrates strength, speed, and sport specific training into the school day. It is currently offered at our San Juan Capistrano campus.

Athletic Academy
Students in the program benefit from spending part of their school day improving their sports performance and skill while benefiting from Fairmont’s award-winning academic curriculum and teachers. Athletic Academy participants are scheduled into three block periods of Academy. In this schedule, athletes receive two block periods of strength and conditioning/speed and agility, during which they train with our qualified strength and speed coaches five days per week. Athletes also receive one block period of sport specific training, during which they train with their respective sport coach on skill development three days per week. This program eliminates the time and costs associated with visiting a gym after school with a personal trainer as well as the individual sport coach for additional skill training. It opens up the remainder of the day following the end of school for their club or travel team practices in addition to more time for homework, family time, and sleep. Working with sport-specific coaches and experienced trainers, each student follows a customized training regimen. We utilize technologies such as VALD speed, jump and power, Gym Aware, and dynamometers to track athletes metrics throughout the program. As a partner with the Treigning Lab, a world class training facility that works with a multitude of professional athletes, our athletes have access to additional data driven testing such as resting metabolic rate and VO2 max.
SPORT SPECIFIC | Working with highly qualified, sport-specific trainers and coaches, athletes have time dedicated in their school day for skill development and training in their chosen sport. This far surpasses the allotted time during club practices to hone their skills year-round, which pays dividends to their improvement when competing with their outside teams.

ACADEMICS | Fairmont Schools’ elevated learning experience and high-level academics provide the educational foundation for an innovative school day structure.

STRENGTH & SPEED TRAINING | Athletes work with our certified strength and conditioning coaches daily to improve their flexibility, mobility, strength, power, and speed. Our coaches also work with professional athletes, college athletes, and high school athletes, allowing them to educate our middle school athletes on their path to success.

Athletic Academy
Athletic Academy
Athletic Academy
Athletic Academy

Director of Sports Science

Sam Calavitta

A world-renowned math instructor and veteran Fairmont faculty member, Sam Calavitta has been teaching and coaching for nearly 35 years. He founded the Treigning Lab with the goal of developing the most comprehensive performance and recovery program in the world, thereby producing exceptionally well-prepared athletes.


Athletic Academy

Speed & Agility Trainer

Kevin Morton

Kevin is a qualified performance enhancement specialist who holds a degree in Kinesiology and certifications in postural therapy, performance training, and corrective exercise. He is particularly drawn to working with elite athletes and has helped over 70 high school athletes to receive D1 scholarships over the past ten years. Kevin has also been selected as a coach for the prestigious Rivals and Nike regional combines and campus.


Athletic Academy

Boys Head Soccer Coach

Gustav Gratzer

“Our philosophy is that nothing comes without hard work. If you put in the time, then good things will happen. I want our student-athletes to play soccer the right way. Hard work, proper technical and tactical training are all important aspects of the game. Nothing comes for free. If you develop the players correctly, then winning comes naturally.”


Athletic Academy

Athletic Trainer

Khrystianne Padua  “KP”

KP received her B.S. in Applied Exercise Science and her M.S. in Athletic Training from Azusa Pacific University. She is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) by the Board of Certification, Inc. and holds certifications as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. KP has been working as an athletic trainer for four years, with six years of clinical experience prior to joining Fairmont Athletic Academy.

Training Philosophy:

“My philosophy centers around athlete-oriented care and looking at an athlete through a biopsychosocial lens. A majority of my treatment revolves around the notion that “movement is medicine.”

About Fairmont Athletic Academy:

“As an athletic trainer at Fairmont Athletic Academy, I have the opportunity to be part of every athletic team’s highs and moments of growth. What I love most is helping an athlete overcome injury and watching them return to the field or court — doing what they love to do.”


Athletic Academy

Boys Head Basketball Coach

Brian Brennan

Mr. Brennan will be our Boys Head Basketball Coach and will also work with the basketball students in our Athletic Academy. He brings over 13 years of coaching experience including his own basketball training company called “Brennan Basketball” where he worked with more than 100 athletes to help them achieve their athletic and academic goals. For the past three years, Mr. Brennan worked at Mater Dei High School as the Assistant Coach for the Girls Basketball team and was responsible for Lead Player Development. He coached Men’s Basketball at Fullerton and Cypress College and Boys Basketball at Loara High School. Mr. Brennan’s philosophy and passion for coaching, teaching, and supporting student athletes will be incredibly beneficial to our Warrior Community.


Athletic Academy

Head of Baseball Development

Glenn Zielinski
Coming soon…
Athletic Academy

Boys Head Hockey Coach

Dean Caban

Coming soon…

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