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Fairmont offers unparalleled STEM instruction, along with premier programs, to prepare students for their ever-changing world. Instruction begins with our youngest learners, where age-appropriate concepts come to life in hands-on activities. It increases, both in terms of its rigor and the opportunities for more focused areas of study, as students advance from elementary school through high school. Whether your child wants to pursue a career within the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics fields or simply internalize STEM concepts that will serve them well in college and beyond, Fairmont has something to offer.

Advanced Science & Engineering (ASEP)

The Advanced Science & Engineering Program (ASEP) successfully prepares students for college majors by exposing them to advanced topics in science, engineering, computer science, and more.

This flagship program features courses that leverage real-world, problem-based learning in a hands-on environment. Our proprietary curriculum is informed by that of prominent universities and combines AP and IB science courses. The program is built on a core foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics while providing students with ample opportunity to add advanced math courses to supplement their high school experience and to prepare them for the next level. Students who complete the ASEP program will meet or exceed college admission requirements.

Cohorts of up to 20 students are admitted each year through an application process. Students take a one-year-long core ASEP course per year, focusing on problem-solving, creativity, and application. This program is designed to begin in 9th grade, though students may join in their 10th grade year, depending on preparation and available space.

The ASEP program is available exclusively at Fairmont Prep Academy.

Currently-enrolled Fairmont students may apply to ASEP here.

Profile of the ASEP Student
  • Problem-solvers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Communicators
  • Inquirers
Practices of the ASEP Student
  • Practicing scientific habits of mind
  • Exploring and deepening interests
  • Embracing healthy skepticism
  • Always asking “Why?”
  • Developing a solid academic base
  • Participating in a specialized curriculum
Opportunities & Outcomes for the ASEP Student
  • Guest speakers
  • Competitions
  • Conferences
  • Field trips
  • Learning by doing and discussing
STEM for Every Student

Whether your child is just starting out in preschool or has chosen to pursue advanced science and math studies at one of Fairmont’s high schools, STEM is incorporated into Fairmont’s curriculum at every level. Young children are natural scientists, curious about the world around them, and eager to observe and experiment. They learn from hands-on lessons that introduce academic concepts which form the basis of a strong understanding of science and math concepts. Starting in elementary school, students benefit from Science Specialty teachers who supplement classroom science learning with in-depth lessons and experiments in our STEM labs. Fairmont students receive robust instruction in math and sciences with ability grouping beginning in fourth grade, allowing children to receive the individualized instruction they need to master math and science skills. On average, Fairmont students are performing a year ahead of peers in other programs. Extracurricular programs such as the Science Olympiad, Academic Pentathlon, and our own Robotics programs encourage students to take their passion for STEM to the next level.

Advanced Mathematics
The Advanced Mathematics Program at Fairmont rivals those of the top math and science schools across the country. It has repeatedly been recognized by College Board and the Siemens Corporation as being one of the top math programs in California. In this engaging, collegiate environment, students may take university-level math courses rarely offered in high school. Our highly individualized approach to math prepares students to achieve their highest potential on college entrance tests, at university, and in future careers.

Through our robotics program, students enjoy a creative approach to physics, computer programming, science, and engineering. As students grow, they work with professional engineers to address thought-provoking problems and create robotics.

Younger students, starting in the fourth grade, begin with an extracurricular course that teaches basic robotics programming. As students advance to middle school, they compete in a LEGO league hosted by For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST). Fairmont Prep’s high school robotics team participates in a variety of competitive tournaments, including the internationally renowned FIRST Robotics Competition. Our robotics students have qualified for more than $16 million in college scholarships that will help them to continue creating and innovating.

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Founded on innovation, Fairmont propels student success in the US and around the world.

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Culture of Excellence

Founded on innovation, Fairmont propels student success in the US and around the world.