Global partner schools

As a division of Fairmont Education Group, Fairmont International School (FIS) partners with schools in mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia.

Global Partner Schools

FIS students study their national curriculum, in addition to the Fairmont curriculum, as they prepare to become bilingual and bi-literate, with the majority of graduates heading to the US for college. FIS offers a variety of programs to meet the varying needs of their students: Joint Programs, Short Term Immersion, 2+1, Online Learning, and Study In America. Fairmont International School also offers customized programs to meet specific school needs.

Through its programs, FIS connects schools and students throughout the world with resources from Fairmont Schools and opportunities to come to Fairmont in the US. FIS programs are individually approved by the ministries or departments of education in their respective countries. Fairmont International School and its programs are accredited through June 2027 via Cognia, by the NCA Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, the Northwest Accreditation Commission, and the SACS Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. We invite you to learn more about the wonderful opportunities which await FIS students.


Global Partner Schools


FIS Graduates In 2022


graduates accepted to Top 100 colleges and universities

Global Partners

Fairmont partners with schools around the world to help students realize their academic goals through curriculum that emphasizes language acquisition, independent thinking, critical inquiry, and student creativity.

Fairmont College Acceptances

Year after year, Fairmont’s students are accepted to the nation’s top colleges and universities, preparing them to go out and make a difference in their world. Here is just a small sampling of the institutions our graduates have attended:

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Culture of Excellence

Founded on innovation, Fairmont propels student success in the US and around the world.

We Are Family

Fairmont meets children where they are and gives them the opportunity to thrive. We can’t wait to meet you!

Continuum of Learning

Five dynamic campuses in Orange County, CA offering individualized instruction for P-12th grade students.

Anaheim Hills Campus (Preschool - 8th Grade)
Historic Anaheim Campus (Preschool - 8th Grade)
North Tustin Campus (Pre-K - 8th Grade)
Preparatory Academy (9th - 12th Grade)
San Juan Capistrano Campus (Preschool - 12th Grade)
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Developing Leaders

Fairmont's scholar-athletes compete in a manner that promotes teamwork, nurtures leadership, and honors sportsmanship.

Cultivating Creativity

Whether exploring visual art, music, theatre or dance, Fairmont encourages creative expression from an early age.

Balance + Connection

Students are challenged to strive for their best, understanding that care for self and others is fundamental to success in school and in life.


Thank you for partnering with Fairmont in your child's education. You are a valued member of our community! Connect with us and find out the latest information via this parent portal.

Culture of Excellence

Founded on innovation, Fairmont propels student success in the US and around the world.