Our Students – Back on Campus

Have you seen this precious, warm hug of a video featuring our elementary students back on campus? It’s impossible not to smile during it. We dare you. 


As you can see in the video, amongst all the excitement and back-to-school jitters, things looked a little bit different than normal. To safely reopen, Fairmont has some new procedures in place:


  • Students and staff must wear face coverings on campus grounds
  • Campus visitors are limited, including parents (we miss you, and we will welcome you back as soon as it’s safe!)
  • Desks are physically distanced in the classrooms
  • Restrooms have been updated with hands-free hardware
  • Students and staff have the opportunity to wash their hands/use hand sanitizer more often
  • Classrooms, playgrounds, and common areas are undergoing additional cleaning and sanitizing practices


We know everyone on our campuses would agree, these new procedures are well worth that excited cheer heard at the end of the video showing our students’ excitement to be back in the classroom. We couldn’t agree more! 


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