A Tight Community

When seeking out high schools or even colleges, people often ask what they should be looking for that makes it special. What is that one thing that puts one school above another? The short answer is that there is not just one thing that makes any school better than another. It is just like buying a vehicle, maybe you need a truck to haul stuff around or tow a boat, but perhaps someone else wants a hybrid because they have a long commute. Both vehicles are good, but they serve a unique purpose and will appeal to different people for different reasons.

There is one way to figure out if a school is right for you and your family and this goes equally for high school and college, community. Yes, community! Although it’s a pretty vague word, it gets to the point across quickly. What does that community value? How will they go about not just educating you in the classroom, but also in those non-formal situations? What values and experiences do you want to have during school? It’s great to earn all “A” grades, but when the real world comes knocking, are you ready to respond?

For some students, an ideal community is large with a wide variety of activities, classes, and personalities to engage. Other students prefer something a bit smaller where teachers know who you are and you have the chance to dip your toe into a wide variety of activities and interests. Whatever your preferences, make sure you take advantage of that community. Get to know people, not just classmates, but teachers, counselors, coaches, advisors, and anyone else on campus.

The benefit of a tight community, like Fairmont Prep, is that you can do a lot of different things and pursue a variety of interests. People choose to work and attend a school like Fairmont because they care and they want to be involved and engaged. This means that during the tough times that you don’t need to go it alone. Heck, if you are sick for a week, we can work with you to ensure that you don’t fall behind in your work. It means more people to turn to for a recommendation or advice. There is no denying the incredible benefit that the Fairmont family can provide, and we hope you will get a chance to see it firsthand soon.


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