Get Ready for the Junior High Dance

The junior high dance is coming up quickly, and we want to make sure you are totally prepared for an awesome night of carefree fun!

Don’t make your parents mad. The last thing you want is to act up right before the dance and then your parents don’t let you go. Do all of your chores, get your homework done, and keep any “smart” remarks to yourself.

Wear neon. The theme is glow in the dark, which means that there will be blacklights. Neon looks awesome in blacklighting, and, if you don’t have any neon, a plain white t-shirt will do just fine.

Practice some of the latest dance moves. You never know when a dance battle will break out, so be sure to have some awesome moves in your back pocket. And if you don’t, a dance battle is not the same without a crowd, so be ready to cheer on your friends!

Stay hydrated, my friends. It’s pretty common to sweat while you dance the night away, so be sure to drink plenty of water before the dance. Pro tip: hydrate the day before the dance, too. It will make a difference.

These four easy tips are bound to get you ready for the dance. Just be sure to follow number one closely – it’s the only thing that could really ruin the night, and no one wants that.

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