Senioritis and Graduation

If you’ve ever spent any time on a high school campus, you may know the feeling of or have heard about “senioritis” — that feeling that seniors have toward the end of their high school careers as they know their time is nearly over, and they are ready to graduate and move on. It happens every year. As the joke goes, there may be a cure for senioritis, but people are just too lazy to find it. Yet, along with senioritis comes the chance to look back at the accomplishments of that graduating class and celebrate its successes.

Fairmont Prep has had another great year in terms of college acceptances and outcomes. Our students have been admitted to 175 different colleges and universities in nine different countries and 31 different states. For a small school like Fairmont, this is a pretty impressive achievement. In fact, over the last five years, 91 percent of our students who have applied to top 100 schools (as ranked by U.S. News & World Report) have received admissions to those schools. It is staggering to see the consistent success of Fairmont graduates and then to hear about how well they do once they go off to college.

The best part of graduation, however, is not the statistics but the joy on the faces of students, families, and friends alike as these seniors walk across the stage and grab their diplomas. That brief moment in which four years of hard work, grit, determination, joy, sadness, uncertainty, and relief all meet in a sea of emotion. Students are surrounded by their classmates and then meet up with family and friends for countless photos. Sure, at Fairmont Prep, it is expected that they will graduate high school, but it does not make the moment any less spectacular.

The smiles, hugs, flowers, and congratulations are the culmination of the four years of hard work, even through all of the cases of “senioritis.”

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