Planning the Perfect Prom

You’ve seen it depicted in countless movies about high school: prom. That essential American rite of passage in which students get dressed in a level of clothing they have never worn before. They come together in groups chauffeured by limousines and other unique rides to a venue to dance the night away and create some lasting memories.

At Fairmont, the junior class ASB puts on the prom, and it is no easy feat. They begin planning an entire 12 months before by selecting a venue and developing a theme. They then spend months thinking about food, drinks, music, activities, décor, tickets, promotion, and anything else that comes up. While they have planned other events on campus before, planning a dance at an outside venue is a new challenge. They work with many outside vendors and create contracts to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The students even choose their chaperones for the dance. In fact, the juniors held a “promposal” of their own by asking the chaperones to the dance.

Why all of the work in the first place? Basically, ASB is here to serve Fairmont Prep students and break them out of the monotony of just going to class and club meetings. A formal dance is an opportunity for students to gather together and enjoy high school life. And ASB members don’t get any monetary benefits here — they organize and arrange rallies, dances, and other activities because they want to serve the student body as a whole. It is great to see a group of involved students truly take an interest in their school and their community.

Plus, it’s fun to get dressed up every once in a while.




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