5 Things You Can Do Year-Round to Show Your Teachers You Appreciate Them

National Teacher Appreciation Week was last week, and while we love a special time to show how much we care about our teachers, we also think it’s important to show our teachers how much we appreciate them each and every day.

Our suggestions below don’t involve buying your teacher a gift or bringing him or her a special treat (not that those things would be turned down, though). They are just a few simple ways to show how much you care.

Pay attention during class. Being loud and disruptive is obviously disrespectful to your teacher and classmates, but being sneaky or silent can be nearly as bad.. Things that are silent, such as sending a sneaky text or staring off into space, are obvious indicators to your teacher that you are not engaged. Paying attention shows your teacher that you appreciate him or her taking the time to explain complex lessons.

Say “thank you.”
Never underestimate the power of expressing thanks. Teachers work diligently on all of the lesson plans for the material they present to you. If you take the time to say “thank you” for a particularly insightful lesson and mention why it resonated with you, your teacher will never forget how he or she made a difference in your life.

Put forth your best effort. Teachers understand that there are certain topics that are more difficult than others. If you give it your all by studying and preparing, they will know that you appreciate them because you put in the time and effort to understand and apply the material.

Ask for help when you need it. Teachers appreciate students who ask for help when they are having difficulty with their assignments or certain concepts. Remember that teachers can’t read minds, so the more you communicate with them, the more they will understand your needs.

Write your teacher a note saying that you appreciate him or her. It’s similar to thanking your teacher in person, but sometimes it’s easier to write how you feel rather than say it. If you take the time to write your teacher a letter to express why you appreciate the hard work that he or she puts into each day, your teacher will appreciate and treasure those words on paper.

It doesn’t take much energy to show a teacher — or anyone for that matter — how much you appreciate him or her. It doesn’t take a grandiose gesture, either; it’s really about the small things and taking the time to convey your feelings. What’s your favorite way of showing your teacher that you appreciate him or her? Comment below!

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