The Essentials: Getting through Finals Week

It’s April, and while finals are still more than a month away, we can pretty much guarantee you that they’ll be here sooner than you ever thought possible. If you don’t believe us, ask a senior. You may not be feeling the pressure to crack open the books and start studying — after all procrastination is most our middle names. And while we get it, don’t make the same mistakes that many do when it comes to finals preparation.

Start Studying Early
Are your teachers testing you on the entire school year or just the second semester? If it’s the entire school year, that’s even more of a reason to start looking at those notes from September. It almost seems like an eternity ago, and if you can’t remember what you had for breakfast yesterday morning, then a head start won’t hurt.

Study Groups
Let’s face it, study groups are pretty much the only way you’re going to see your friends when preparing for finals. Plus, you can quiz each other, teach each other (which is highly effective for learning), and encourage each other.

Probably our favorite part about studying are the snacks! We recommend healthier snacks that are easy to eat — such as apples, celery with peanut butter, and nuts — but we’re not going to judge if you walk in with a bag of chips.

A hydrated mind is a healthy mind (we don’t care that it’s cheesy and lame — just go with it!). Even though you’re not running laps around a track, you’re still giving you brain an intense workout. You’re hyperfocused, and being adequately hydrated is key to maintaining that focus, avoiding headaches, and keeping you in tip-top shape to retain information.

When you’re sitting for hours on end, your circulation isn’t going to be awesome. You need to make sure that blood is reaching all of your limbs and brain. Taking five minutes to stretch will help you feel refreshed and ready to get after those books for another two hours. 

Be sure to use these six super-simple tips to help make finals week a success!


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