Benefits of a Strong Counseling Office

When you walk around the Fairmont Prep campus, you will see the obvious classrooms, labs, and performance spaces that most high schools offer. Look a little deeper, and you will see some pretty unique tools and resources in those labs and classrooms. And, if you spend a few moments to talk to our students and faculty members, you will learn even more about what makes Fairmont special.

Keep walking, and eventually you will come upon the counseling center, a purposefully built space that benefits students, parents, guardians, faculty, staff, college visitors, and many more individuals. Fairmont’s counseling center is unique and gives students an incredible advantage as they go through their high school careers and look forward to college. If you walk down the counseling center’s hallway, you come upon nine offices full of people willing and ready to help students achieve success. That’s about one counselor for every 70 students overall but drops even lower when you are speaking solely about college counseling, in which the ratio is one counselor per 40 students.

These low ratios make it easy for students to see counselors whenever they need, and they also make it easy for the counselors to identify students who may need assistance. Fairmont offers four counselors whose sole job is to ensure that students are succeeding in the classroom and not only meeting graduation requirements but also taking the courses needed to apply to colleges across the globe. These counselors work closely with teachers to intervene when grades begin to drop or students begin to demonstrate behaviors that are uncommon for them. The counselors also act as liaisons between students, parents, and teachers to talk about any issues and help families navigate the academic and social experience in high school.

Fairmont Prep also has four college counselors to help students find the best college fits for them. All of Fairmont’s college counselors have worked in college admissions and bring that firsthand knowledge of application evaluation to the table. Students meet with their college counselors often to find the best matches in terms of colleges, work on their applications, craft admissions essays, navigate the financial aid process, and ultimately make those final college decisions. The college counselors also write letters of recommendation on behalf of their students, highlighting their academic paths, successes and interests outside of the classroom, and anything else that can help advocate for those students.

Additionally, college counselors also keep on top of trends in college admission by attending national and regional conferences, meeting with the more than 170 colleges that come to visit with Fairmont students, and participating in counselor programs at colleges and universities across the world. Between the four college counselors, there are more than 60 years of experience in college counseling and admission.

The counselors at Fairmont are tools for students, parents, and teachers to use to make high school the best possible experience for our students. We hope that you find them useful and will reach out to them with any questions you may have.

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