APs, IBs, Finals — Oh My!

The end of the school year is near. Seniors are making those final choices of where they will attend school next year, while other students are planning classes for next year and making plans for the summer. Teachers are preparing finals and figuring out how to get that last material taught, and students are preparing for AP exams, IB assessments, and finals all at the same time. Needless to say, there is a bit of stress wafting through the hallways at Fairmont Prep. How can families help students not only get through this stressful time but also help their children succeed? Let us offer a handful of suggestions.

  1. Ensure that the student is getting a good and healthy amount of sleep. Try not to let him or her stay up until 2:00 am with the plans of rising again at 4:00 am. Encourage your student to go to bed at a reasonable time and stay away from electronics that may ring and beep throughout the evening.
  2. Help your student eat well. Have the kitchen stocked with fruits and vegetables and healthy things to snack on. Take out the energy drinks and high-sugar sodas, and replace with them balanced juices and the like. Help prepare a good dinner and breakfast for your child.
  3. Check on your student’s grades. Use MyBackpack to take a glance at his or her grades to see where your child may need a little extra help. Encourage the student to use the tools at Fairmont Prep, such as our free tutoring and enrichment program, Prep Plus. Have your child talk to his or her teachers to identify areas that could use some review. See if there may be some missing assignments that he or she might be able to turn in.
  4. Allow the student to take a break. Studying for hours on end is tedious and boring. Encourage your child to get outside and take a walk or to have a snack. A little break can refresh your student and provide new insight into his or her schoolwork.
  5. Encourage your student to study in a group. First off, the social interaction can be good for his or her mental health. Secondly, not everyone understands concepts in the same way. Hearing something taught from another point of view can be very useful.
  6. Realize that everything will be OK in the end. While it may seem that an AP test is the most important thing in the world, trust that it is not. There are plenty of ways for a student to showcase his or her knowledge in a subject area. Students should simply do their best — taking away the pressure often makes it easier for a student to succeed.
  7. Spend time together as a family. Those moments in which your child is at home may be fleeting. Take the time to enjoy a meal as a family and catch up on everything going on.

Above all, support each other. It can be stressful trying to do well in all of these courses and take additional tests on top of that. But with a little extra support and love, the students will do well, and parents can also breathe a little more easily.

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