I Have the Power

There was a cartoon that ran in the 1980s called He-Man. Basically, this guy was a prince but had sort of Superman transformation when he lifted his sword in the sky and yelled out “I HAVE THE POWER!”

I’m sure you are asking how a 30-year-old cartoon series featuring a guy inappropriately dressed for battle has anything to do with an education blog. As the seniors are very aware, college decisions have been released. They have waited months for the reviews of their applications to be returned. It’s hard trying to sum up four years of high school and 17 years of life experience into a 650-word essay, a transcript, a list of activities, and some test scores and have someone decide whether or not you are admissible to an institution meant to teach you even more. At that point, you have lost the power. You no longer have control over your fate.

But think back even earlier when the colleges were sending countless emails and tons of mail to your door. You had the power back then. The colleges were essentially begging you to apply to their schools. You got to be picky like Goldilocks. This one is too big, this one too small, this one too close, this one too far. And, ultimately, you got to decide which schools were going to be the perfect fits for you.

That’s when you hand over the power for a little bit. It goes off to the admission committees who sit in offices and around conference tables to deliberate the positives of each student. But once those decisions go out, you get the power again.

Now the colleges are sending countless emails, inviting you to come visit them at special programs, calling you, finding you on social media, and trying to convince you that their schools are the best for you. Yet you have the power. You get to choose which school will earn your deposit, and you get to deny some schools of your presence.

Use that power wisely. Be picky about the school. Ignore the rank — it tells you nothing. Look at the classes for your potential major. How will you choose classes? Where will you live? What will you do outside of the classroom? How is this school going to teach you? Do you get to study abroad? Ask yourself these questions and more. Find that perfect fit for you. Remember, you have the power!



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