Fairmont Private Schools Employee Receives “Women of Distinction Award”

Fairmont Private Schools’ Thesys International ESL Curriculum and Instruction Specialist Brenda Huey-Rosas recently received the Women of Distinction Award in the Youth Mentor Category from the office of Congressman Lou Correa for her continued dedication to serving young individuals in the local community.

This honor was an inaugural award created in celebration of Women’s History Month for residents within the 46th Congressional District. Huey-Rosas was notified on March 12 that she was selected as the recipient, and she was recognized at the first-ever Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony on Saturday, March 24, at River Church in Anaheim. Though she was grateful to receive the award, Huey-Rosas remained humble.

“It’s hard to win an award for things that you would normally do anyway,” she said. “I enjoy giving back to the community, but I never think of it as anything to get in return, so it feels a little unnatural to win an award for doing what you already love doing.

Huey-Rosas is the primary author of ELLoquence, comprehensive digital curriculum that blends high-tech instruction with hands-on, interactive activities for junior high and high school English-language learners so that can become proficient in English in one to two years. She is also committed to her work with the Orange County Creative Arts Center (OCAC), a nonprofit organization in Anaheim that she and her husband, Marco, founded in 2011. Through its Latin Dance for Education Project, OCAC is trying to raise $140,000 to enable six Latin dancers to receive full scholarships to Fairmont Private Schools — a hope that Huey-Rosas is passionate to see become a reality.

“I think that it’s really important for today’s youth to have [these kinds of] opportunities available to them, whether they can afford them or not,” she said. “We’re serving in an area where most of these kids can’t afford it, and the idea is to help them live their dreams.”

Huey-Rosas said that it’s important for women to create legacies, and though she’s proud to be recognized for doing so within her community, the accolades are not what truly matter to her.

“The most important part is when the seed is planted, and it matures,” she said. “It’s really important that I’m planting seeds right now. When these kids grow up, and they get higher educations and get great jobs in the future, and they have their families, I can then get to see that as basically the end result of the fruits of labor.”

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