10 Ways To Help Your Child Excel In Elementary School

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Attending elementary school in Orange County can be quite challenging for some children.  They may find it difficult to spend time away from their parents or to work in an environment they are not familiar with.  Also, being asked to learn new academic and social skills can be overwhelming at times.

The greatest challenge that children face when learning these skills is remaining focused in the classroom.  A recent study by Science Direct, found that the average elementary school child is distracted 25% of the time.  The study also found that children were more likely to go “off-task” when they were being taught in a group environment.  Many of the strategies listed below are designed to help children remain focused in the classroom, maximizing their learning potential.

Fortunately, there are a few simple techniques that parents can employ to help their children thrive in elementary school.  In this article, we’ll identify the main challenges faced by children and share the 10 best techniques for helping your child excel at elementary school in Orange County.


#1 — Keep your children physically active

There is growing evidence to suggest that physical activity can improve the academic performance of elementary school students.  Studies have found that children are able to concentrate on classroom tasks immediately after exercising.  This can enhance the learning capacity of children and help them excel in the classroom.

Fairmont Private Schools recognizes the importance of exercise for enhancing academic achievement.  That’s why we have organized sporting programs at our Orange County, Tustin, Anaheim, and Anaheim Hills campuses, plus state-of-the-art sporting equipment.  We also encourage parents to make it easier for children to exercise out of school hours.


#2 — Become more involved with the school

The more often parents talk to teachers, attend parent/teacher meetings, and volunteer at the school, the better the outcomes for students.

Parental involvement helps children in many ways.  Elementary school students feel more supported in the classroom if their parents are nearby; any behavioral problems can be quickly addressed with parental involvement; and parents are more aware of their child’s academic performance.


#3 — Help them with their homework

Doing homework has also been found to help children develop their time management skills, which helps them succeed academically.  We always encourage parents to schedule time for their children to complete homework and to help their children with homework.


#4 — Ensure your children have a nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day when it comes to children!  Findings from a published literature review in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience Journal found that eating a nutritious breakfast had a positive effect on the academic performance and behavior of children.

Most children benefit from a breakfast that contains fruit, whole grains (brown bread, oats, quinoa, muesli), plus foods containing healthy fats and protein (eggs, avocados).  Avoid feeding your child refined foods containing a lot of sugar, as they have been shown to negatively impact academic performance.


#5 — Make sure your child gets enough sleep

Sleep is very important for young children as it supports their growth, learning, and development.  Failure to get enough sleep makes it difficult for children to focus in class which negatively impacts their academic performance.  If your child is struggling to get enough sleep, consider using a night-time wind down ritual, sleep machine, or something else to create a relaxing environment for your child.


#6 — Encourage your child to read

Reading to your children every night is one of the easiest ways to help them excel at school.  They will receive a boost to their literacy and cognitive development.  Children who are bookworms also tend to be more interested in academic pursuits and they can concentrate for longer periods in a classroom environment.


#7 — Limit screen time

A recent survey by CNN found that children aged 8 years and younger spent an average of 2 hrs. and 19 minutes with screen media each day.  This time is usually spent watching videos, using social media, browsing the Internet and playing computer games.  Unfortunately, excessive screen time can disrupt the behavior of young children and make it difficult for them to concentrate in a classroom.  Instead of allowing your child to watch a computer screen for many hours, encourage them to play board games, have discussions, listen to music, and play sports.


#8 — Teach your child organizational skills

Being organized helps your child remain focused while at school.  They will have all the tools they require at hand and won’t become distracted while looking for a missing book or favorite pen.  Parents can help by ensuring their child has all the items they need before they head off to school each day.  Teaching your child how to use a calendar to schedule projects, tests, and school events can also be very helpful.


#9 — Ensure your child’s attendance is regular

It’s important for sick children to stay home from school.  However, you should avoid keeping your child home for other reasons, as it can compromise their education and make it difficult to excel while in elementary school.  They may struggle to catch up to the other students and could fall behind.

If your child wants to stay home because of problems with their classmates, teachers, or schoolwork, talk to your child to resolve the issue.  You can also contact the school and we will solve any issue your child is experiencing.


#10 — Talk to your children about school

Most children are eager to talk to their parents about their day at school.  Ask them questions about what they learned that day, who their friends are, and who their teachers are.  When they know that you are interested in their academic lives, they are more likely to take an interest in school.  It’s important to give your child your full attention when asking these questions, so they understand how significant their school experience is to you.


How Fairmont Private Schools helps children excel

Fairmont Private Schools, is committed to providing children with the best elementary school experience in Orange County.  Our four state-of-the-art campuses in Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Historic Anaheim and North Tustin, are designed to give students the best learning experience possible and to help them maximize their potential.  We help Orange County children excel in elementary school by:

  • Having classrooms with a low student to teacher ratio
  • Offering children, a wide range of exciting activities to choose from
  • Offering students individualized attention
  • Delivering an advanced curriculum
  • Providing individualized learning paths that allow students to excel!


Book A Tour of Fairmont In Orange County, CA

We encourage you to book a tour of one our campuses to get a glimpse of what life is like for your child at Fairmont.  Our welcoming, engaging environment provides a one-of-a-kind experience in Orange County.

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