Prep Pride: Breakfast with the Counselors

Each month, Fairmont Preparatory Academy hosts Breakfast with the Counselors where parents and guardians are invited to hear a presentation from the counseling department. These presentations have dealt with the transition to high school, course selection, how to deal with stress, and certainly the college search process. It is a nice opportunity for parents to hear about some of the current trends in education and how they directly impact Fairmont students. For the counselors, it is a nice chance to clarify many of the rumors and advice that parents hear in their lives as well.

This month, the parents had the opportunity to act as a college admission committee and make some admissions decisions for four applicants. First, the “committee” learned about the applicants’ GPAs and test scores and were asked to make a decision on who they would admit to the fictional university. Next, the group was shown some of the activities the students participate in to see if the committee’s opinions may have changed at all. After that, the committee learned about the students’ essays and what the students chose to share in their applications. Lastly, was any additional information about the student, whether they were an athletic recruit or had interviewed on campus.

This type of activity has been run with the freshmen for the past few years and it is interesting to see how perspectives change as you learn more about the applicants. In the end, each student has something redeeming about them that makes you want to root for them to be admitted.

These are the types of challenges a real college admission committee faces when they look at applicants. In nearly every file, a case could be made as to why a student should be admitted. It’s not always very clear-cut either. The student with the highest GPA is not always the best match for the school. It always ends up being a great exercise to see that there is no magical checklist for college.

Breakfast with the Counselors is paired with the Sunrise Session (which is a casual meeting with the Headmaster and deans to talk about topics at Fairmont). It occurs the first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 am. Please join us.

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