Prep Pride: Find Your Passion

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Chocolates packed into red hearts, roses galore, and packed restaurants full of people wanting to have that special experience. It’s a time to recognize and celebrate love and the joy that it brings.

With love comes the idea of passion, something that high schools and colleges across the country talk about often. College and universities say that they want a student who has demonstrated they have a passion in life. Perhaps that passion is for athletics, a music program, volunteer work, photography, or becoming a yo-yo champion; they really aren’t all that picky.

What happens, though, when a high school senior still hasn’t been able to identify a passion? Is all hope lost? Of course not, but the question becomes; did that student seek it out? Did they try new things or simply spend hours watching YouTube videos trying to see what looks interesting?

The point is to get out there and try something. Even if it ends up not being a good match, at least you know and you can be more selective as you seek out the next opportunity. And just like love, love the things that you love because you love them (that’s a fun sentence to write), not because someone else told you to love them. If you really enjoy working on your yo-yo skills, do it to the best of your ability and start your own YouTube channel. If you enjoy playing badminton, get out there and find some tournaments or teams to join.

When you find the things that you love, you will quickly learn to love yourself for your own unique qualities. That is the type of person that others are drawn to and want to be around.


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